Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Very Interesting Conversation (Not)

Everyone listen to this. It's amazing.

Now, on to the issue of the callers, one of them called me a few hours ago. I decided to answer.

It was one of the guys. So, instead of hanging up after their usual cryptic message, I decided to keep them on the line.

"My eyes are open and what they see is you."

They've said something similar before, and I had asked, "Who are you?" of course, and they simply wouldn't answer and hung up. I decided to be a bit different this time. I said, "Do you like what you see?"

Their answer was no. So I asked why.

The guy took a long pause before telling me that I lacked certain qualities. I asked what those were and he didn't answer.

"Can you protect her?" was the last thing he said before hanging up. Did he fucking mean Shannon? That pissed me off.

The police aren't being very prompt with this. After today's conversation I decided I would hold off on getting a new number. These guys could probably find that one anyway... My doppelganger Sam got me thinking, what if the police screw it up? Doesn't seem likely, but who knows. If I can get the harassers to talk with me long enough, I might get an idea of who they are. I swear one of them sounds so damn familiar.

... I get the feeling I'm being watched, and I don't even know what is doing it. This is fucking stupid.

Also, Shiloh? Please contact me or Shannon right away.


  1. Hm, and if anyone is wondering is I've tried calling these people back, I have. I don't bother with caller ID, I mostly use text anyway. Shannon does, and the calls she has received have been literally "Unknown Number".

    *69 doesn't even get me anywhere.

  2. That song's got one hell of a nice atmosphere to it.

    Well, nice as in well-done; it's sorta solemn. It's also an interesting point of view, because while it makes sense in the context of that blog, it doesn't fit Zeke because he's either angry, badass, or insane.

    On topic, though. First, I'm officially a doppelganger, go me!

    err... let's try that again.

    To be honest, I wouldn't just disregard that watched feeling you have. For the most part, people convince themselves, but you seem to be a pretty skeptic person, which makes it being nothing but a feeling less likely. I mean, logically, yes, you shouldn't, but off chances CAN happen.

    Do be careful, though. Shannon too; there's a chance these guys are batshit insane instead of just stupid prank-callers. In that case... it IS dangerous.

    Regardless, best of luck in dealing with the assholes.

  3. I am not too familiar with Zeke, just that he tends to leave cryptic comments for people who don't care. Shannon says it fits his new persona, though.

    The minute we see any strange behavior, persons, or something off with the residence, we're making sure the cops know about it. However, the only thing so far has been the calls...

    They HAVE to be pranking us, it's just too fucked up otherwise.

  4. "I said, "Do you like what you see?"

    Their answer was no. So I asked why."

    Bahahaha, do you even really need an answer to that question?

  5. Well, fucked up stuff happens is the thing. Very rarely, but the closer the circumstance gets the more likely it is.

    Also, why is there a troll?

    sorry, effortless troll. It's sort of sad. Maybe they think you'll get easily pissed off now?

  6. With an attitude like that, I'm not sure I want to tell you who I am, Danny. I'll give you a hint though: somethingsomethingtallpeopleimagery

    Sir Daniel, I'm not entirely sure what you're implying here by calling me an effortless troll. Like it or not, energy is in fact expended through typing. It was quite the effort, in fact, to say what I did. For this deplorable grievance, I expect a full apology in writing by 12:12 on December 12th, good sir. Bahahaha

  7. lol

    Okay, whatever. You're amusing.

    Why troll my blog of all blogs, sir?

  8. Oh, I just have a big hat full of slips of paper and I pick one out before I go to bed every night. And you, sir, happened to be my lucky pick. I'll give you a few minutes to reflect on just how lucky that makes you.

  9. I'm implying that you're doing this because you have time to kill... and not thinking it through well.

    Seems you can improvise amusingly enough, 'tho.

  10. My god I can't type anything without another comment being posted while I type it.

    Dammit people

  11. How about I give you no satisfaction here.

    No, I will not delete your posts in rage. No, I will not continue this trolling escapade any longer.

    have fun.

  12. Aww, and here I was thinking you would be a good sport. Looks like I'll just have to stick around and break you, then. Don't worry, I'm sure we'll be the best of friends before long, bahahaha

    Well, Sir Dan, I can't quite say that there's much point in thinking it through. It's a hobby, not a living.

  13. Some people think anyways. Some people just troll.

    Oh, and I'd go for wordless deletion under the premise that I don't care if you think I did it under raging pretense xD

  14. Jeez louise, some people! Anyway, all this cryptic shenanigans is totally messed up. I hope you and Shannon stay safe.

  15. Well, sor-ry, I get bored and engaging trolls can be fun >.<

  16. "Some people what", Elly? I must say, I rather dislike fragmented sentences :(