Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Sister

No update on the callers, haven't heard from them since Sunday.

However, there is one thing. I recently got an e-mail from my younger sister who lives up in Ontario. Her name's Jemma. She and my mother moved there a few years ago.

Now, I have not mentioned this before, but I was never on good terms with my parents. For reasons I don't feel like getting into, I was basically kicked out of the house at 16. Fucking bullshit, the whole thing. Of course, Shannon and her family had been there for me. I moved in with them at the time, and I have come to consider her parents far better candidates to be my immediate family than my biological parents ever were.

Of course, me and my sister were close, despite this. We've kept contact ever since. I have not told her ANYTHING about Paul or the harassers, as I have not wanted to worry her.

... Why this is important is that in her last email, she talked about receiving strange calls and getting the feeling she's being followed.

Just like me and Shannon. Just like Shiloh.

She said she wanted to start carrying around a video camera to catch who she thinks is following her. It's a silly idea but she "wants to get a little fun out of having a stalker".

I honestly don't know what to think. If Jemma's right, this caller business may be more than I thought it was. This may be something the police would like to know. But when you think about it, it gets seriously fucked up. She lives in another country! Should we worry about Shannon's family too? I want to believe Jemma's just joking, I really do.

She said she'll tell me when she starts uploading the videos she makes. I'll make sure to let you guys know too.


  1. Well, fuck.

    I don't know what to make of that at all...

  2. I know, right? As far as I know, she has no idea this blog exists. It HAS to be a simple misunderstanding on her part, combined with a little fucking coincidence.

    Also, forgot to change to my new font, I'll fix that.

  3. Is there any way the guy calling you could have found out of your family's location? School records? Anything you've left around the house that might lead back to them that any possible intruder may have stumbled upon?

  4. When I think about it... no, not really. There shouldn't be anything around here that would lead to their location. I've gotten gifts in the mail before, but it's not like I keep their address around on a slip of paper...

    It's possible to search my laptop and find such information, but it's not so easy to simply access my stuff when there's a password in the way.

    With all the panic, we've made sure to have locks all over the place. The other tenants next door have told us they've noticed no one ever trying to get in...

    School records would have to be something I'd need to look into to know for sure.

    I don't know, I'm not willing to believe just yet if what Jemma's telling me has any connection to my harassers.

  5. Right, let's just watch her play her little game. I mean, why not? It's all just good, harmless fun, right, Danny-boy?

  6. Well, I'll say this: I hack a bit -- I suck at it, but even so if somebody gets your laptop at all in their possession, a password on it is not much protection. It's all stored locally and there's a billion applications for extracting all the passwords on any account -- including one made/deleted on the spot.

    That granted, I doubt that's the case.

    And... I don't like the phrase "willing to believe". That implies it's up to how you feel, and honestly if none of this is making sense? Discounting stuff because you don't want to believe it is a pretty bad idea.

  7. While I'm definitely being the more superstitious one here, I have to agree with Dan. I think whatever his sister may or may not be going through has little connection to our problems.

    Jemma just lives too far away for me to believe they are connected. If she IS being followed though (Who knows, apparently she's easily paranoid...), I think she should seriously consider contacting the police.

    Getting the guy on camera does sound like a good idea.