Friday, December 17, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Summary

Between Shannon coming and going, me jumping in to post, the posts where I completely freak out... I thought it would be best to summarize the shit that has been going on the past few months. Now, hopefully I haven't forgotten anything.

Back in July, my friend Paul started getting interested in the Slender Man. He quickly became pretty obsessed, read every blog, watched every video series, spent quite a bit of time looking up images and shit. Eventually he tried getting me into it. I found it a bit interesting, but overall the tall bastard just didn't interest me much. I didn't really care about Paul's new found obsession until he started, well, acting really odd.

He started showing up to work sporadically, he would leave me weird text messages, usually quoting a blog or two. It was seriously starting to get to me. I visited him a few times, where he acted pretty normal, and nothing was really out of the ordinary. Those visits calmed me down a bit, made me feel better about my friend's well being. By August though, he had stopped going into work completely. He also started to phone me and tell me how scared he was of the tall fucker.

One day, I phoned him, and all I got was him screaming into the phone. Instead of calling 911 immediately like I should have, I went to his apartment myself. What I saw will forever be burned into my mind. The sight of Paul, huddled on the ground, an bloody operator symbol carved into his chest. He looked at me and held up the knife in his right hand. He whispered, "I'll be okay."

I then called 911.

Now, I do not know what compelled me to do this, but during this fucked up visit, I stole Paul's laptop. I was curious, I guess. When Paul was spending his time in the hospital, I was looking through his laptop. There were so many Slender Man images, some created by Paul even. He had many odd notepad documents (They were gibberish like ysvdbasfdagsdf) and some odd music files. These appeared to have just static and breathing.

I eventually started looking at the slenderblogs myself, to see if I could see how Paul became so obsessed with them. It was through this that Shannon herself got interested in the blogs. She saw me reading them during a visit, and just had to check them out herself. She soon decided to make her own blog. This blog.

Shannon began experiencing strange dreams around the start of September. So did I at the start of October. This is significant because we have both had these same dreams for many nights since then. I dunno if they mean anything though.

September is also when I moved into Shannon's/Diane's apartment. I wasn't exactly welcomed by Diane.

Around this time, Paul had been moved into a rehabilitation clinic. He had gotten amnesia somehow. He didn't remember his family at all, and barely any of his friends. I was one of the few he could remember, so it was encouraged I visit him often.

Shannon's problems really started when her uncle died nearing October. It hit her hard, having a member of the family die. She started having additional nightmares, one involving this blog in particular. She hasn't said much about it, but she told me that it gave her the impression that if she ever used this blog again, bad things would happen.

Something like that.

So, I began to take over the blog for her. At first, I ranted a bit about how I was losing sleep (I still can't get much) and was annoyed over Shannon's new boyfriend, Brandon. Shannon had met Brandon on campus a few days into October, and the two hit it off real well apparently. In only a week, they started dating. Now I know NOW that Shannon had started receiving the strange phone calls from our harassers around this time. Her nightmares were getting to her, and she hastily jumped into a relationship.

I was a dumbass. Shannon was just scared and I thought she was abandoning me.

Paul disappeared from the clinic in October, it had freaked me out. I have a good feeling now this was because of the callers, and whatever memory erasing fuckery that follows them. It was soon after this that I started to receive the strange calls myself.

Halloween then arrived, and nothing good happened on that day. I am still debating whether or not I actually saw that bastard Mr. Suit. I suppose I'm still having trouble admitting that it could be true. Whatever. The real thing to take note of was the call I got from Paul. He told me to remember the notes he talked about on one of my visits if I wanted to know where he had went.

I talked with Shannon after this, and I realized she hadn't been doing too good herself. She broke up with Brandon, as he started acting very odd, and soon after that even he disappeared. Maybe that was the callers too, I don't fucking know.

My sister, Jemma, e-mailed me about someone stalking her. I don't think she's in danger, but she made a youtube channel to catch the guy on camera. Thankfully, there's nothing much so far.

When we learned that people were forgetting Brandon and Paul, we began to worry. I eventually admitted that something not-so-normal was going on, and decided to check out the notes Paul talked about. It wasn't easy getting them, but I eventually pulled them from his apartment.

The notes were either pictures of eyes, or scribbled messes. One thing that was constant about them was a symbol.
Even with half the notes disappearing overnight, I was able to pick up the symbol. I eventually noticed it in chalk in a back alley, and decided to hang around that area for the next few days.

I was soon confronted by a hooded guy, who managed to escape from me. His goal, the goal of this entire mess it seemed, was to distract me while another one of the callers tried to attack Shannon back at our apartment. According to her, after the guy broke in, there was an incident with the Slender Man. I still don't know if I think she was hallucinating or not. I was able to get home in time to scare off her attacker.

And that is that.
... Ugh, looking back, I never expected any of this to happen. Why did these callers have to enter into our lives? Ruin everything and harass us to death?

This break is so important. I bought a notebook, and I plan on writing in it during the entire trip. 

We'll be leaving sometime this week.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Break

Shannon's been feeling under the weather since last week, which is completely understandable. She's edging into her school holidays now, so at least she can take a break.

I got fired from work as well. Not showing up without any sort of warning for an extended period of time does that to you. I fucking hated Wal-Mart anyway.

... Diane found out, ranted to me for a while, said I better be able to come up with money to help with rent. Shannon and her did fine without me before she just likes being a controlling bitch... Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I need a cup of coffee.

I asked our lovely neighbors who share our small building about last week, much like the police did, and they said they heard nothing. Which is ODD because they told the police they did hear some sort of odd droning noise that was completely foreign to them.

Either they forgot or they just didn't want to tell me personally.

SPEAKING OF THE POLICE, they had forgotten ALL about the callers when they were investigating this current mess. I honestly am fucking tired of dealing with these Alzheimer stricken officers. I think they're already losing this one.

I make it sound like a joke but honestly it's pretty goddamn scary. Think about it, these officers who are supposed to protect us and shit, and they are rendered useless by bullshit that no one can explain. I don't know if some of them are fucking with us or if all of their memories are being blasted by some sort of supernatural phenomenon.

What I need to do is somehow get some real information from one of the callers. But right now, I'm just so tired, I have no idea how to go about that. I just want a break.

. . .
That is why I proposed to Shannon we have a road trip. We've been planning on taking a plane up to NYC to see her parents anyways, why not fucking drive? Honestly, I think just having me and her do something like that would be a great way to take our minds off this for a bit. Diane can keep the place all neat and tidy while we're gone. We'll have to deal with this strange mess when we get back, but it'll be a nice break, I think.

Heck, we could even go see Shiloh before that and bond over crazy shit. That is if he's feeling up for it.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010



Just... Fuck. I screwed some shit up, oh yes I fucking did. She said she isn't mad, but..

Okay, as you may know I was hanging out around that alley for a good while today. It was a slow fucking wait for what felt like... I don't know, a long fucking time. Finally after about an hour and a half, the time being 5:30, I noticed some dude staring at my friend and I from the north entrance of the alley. He had a hoodie on, so I wasn't quite sure what he looked like.

Now, see, it was around this time that Shannon phoned me. She had gotten home around five, noticed Diane had went out, and planned on patiently waiting for me to get home.

My phone had died by the time we saw the guy watching us. Shannon had heard strange banging coming from outside, got worried, and phoned me. Too bad my phone was out.

I started heading toward the guy, motioning for my friend to follow. (My excuse before had been that I HAD to meet someone there at an unspecified time. He was fine enough with that excuse.)

Of course, when we started following, the staring dude started leaving. We began to follow him down the sidewalk, when he suddenly broke into a run. I was fucking pissed now, I just KNEW this guy was one of the callers. I was certain of it. I wanted to catch him and pay him back for all the shit Shannon and I had been put through the last few months.

But when Shannon couldn't get a hold of me, she called Diane. Diane was out with a friend of hers and wasn't too interested in whatever Shannon had to say. You know, normally Diane WOULD have been all over that, probably would have headed straight home, but for some reason she just didn't care tonight. Whatever has been the cause of the memory loss I'm sure had a hand in that. I can't blame Diane.

So anyway, we looked fucking ridiculous, chasing this guy down the goddamn sidewalk. He wasn't very fast, or at least, wasn't trying too hard to get away. I'm sure now that he was simply there to distract us. The timing was too perfect.

Eventually, the banging at our place stopped, and Shannon calmed down a bit. Just a few minutes later though, there was a knock at the door. According to Shannon, she waited and waited for whoever it was to go away, but for a good five minutes the knocking continued. Shannon eventually broke and ran up to the door, screaming, "What is it, what do you want?!"

The door was supposed to be locked, yet the guy was able to open it up easy fucking peasy.

At about there, we lost track of the dude we were chasing. I had no idea how, we made a turn and he had seemingly vanished without a goddamn trace. I was just... RAGING while my friend attempted to calm me down. I feel bad now because, well, he had no clue what I was going on about.

Now I think they had messed up a bit, thankfully, as I quickly found a letter with my name on on top of the nearby mailbox. Basically it said, "We have her." At this time, I suppose the guy was just entering the apartment. They must not have planned on Shannon being so... tough. In the time it took me to run back to my friend's car and race home- it had to be at least ten minutes- she had successfully fended the guy off. Or at least I think so. Shannon isn't saying much, and when I got in the fucker was on top of her with a needle about to stab her in the neck.
He was quick. When he saw me, he leaped off Shannon and tackled me right back out the door. I slammed into the wall, and by the time I recovered, he was down the flight of stairs and out the front door. My friend was waiting outside, and said he barely even saw the guy as he ran past.

Needless to say, this was one fucked up night, and also one that has made it clear that these guys aren't to be fucked with. They lured me away, distracted me while they attempted to... kidnap Shannon, I guess.

After I got her to calm down, I contacted the police. I've spent a good amount of the afternoon going over this shit with them, and I am just so fucking tired, I'm so PISSED at myself for being so dumb. If only my phone hadn't died...

Thankfully, Diane is back now, and she's been apologizing to Shannon for a while now about not taking her seriously. Like I said, I can't blame Diane.

I'd really like to know why Diane and other people's memories are going out like this. I hope I don't start losing me memory... Well there was the time at the library, and Halloween, but nothing compared to what Diane has forgotten, at least.

I think this blog helps. If I am being affected, I think this blog is keeping the effects to a minimum.
 ... Or at least I fucking hope so.

EDIT: Its seems that Shannon made her own post describing what happened to her.

Oh yeah, I'm pretty shocked. Wasn't expecting that. The fucked up thing is that I don't know if Shannon simply hallucinated it. These callers seem to have the power to make us forget stuff, why not make us remember stuff differently?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Symbol...

When I was pouring over the notes, I couldn't help but notice a recurring symbol thing...

I didn't think much of it, I couldn't figure out what it meant. I thought it was just some random mess of lines that Paul thought looked nice... Which they still probably are, but see...
I saw the symbol again. I was just taking a walk, and I saw it chalked into the ground.

It's essentially within a small concrete clearing surrounded by a couple of buildings. A few alleys go into it, but it's not much...

The two symbols were there, closest to this building. It's just a convenience store, and some sort of used goods place that connects to it, as far as I know.

Now this symbol might or might not mean anything, but it's unique enough that this probably isn't a coincidence. Really, chalk doesn't stick the fuck around for very long, they must have been drawn recently. Whoever drew them knew I sometimes take my walk in that alley... maybe?

But, what does it mean? Should I check out the stores, or just hang around the alley for a while? I have no fucking clue. These callers and Paul seem to be just fucking with me some more, and I'm getting tired of playing around.

Though, it seems I don't have much fucking choice.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Notes

Alright, I've taken pictures of the notes that aren't covered in eyes. Those are simply too much to take in all at once. This is obviously Slendy stuff, and that bugs the shit out of me. Paul was really into Slenderman though, he kept up with every single blog and story. He talked about the tall bastard rather fondly, always saying he wished to write a novel about him.

I don't think Paul will get much chance to do that now.

Anyways, the notes are obviously influenced by his love of the original Slenderman stories, I'd say. Only one (X) thing though. A bit surprising, considering he had carved the fucking symbol into his own skin.

But anyways, the notes:

Here we have scribbled note #1. There's a moon... and some scribbles... Fucking stupid, if you ask me.

More scribbly bits.
Scribbled note #2. Lots of X's. Why no circles, Paul?

And a few other BLANK's for good measure.

Scribbled note #3 reminds me of Legend of Zelda. You know, the triforce?
But I doubt that's what Paul was going for here.

Then we have a happy face. I guess this was Paul's last note before the incident?

Last scribbled note. It's fucking weird.

I figure there is another sentence below it, but I can't make it out at all.

A picture of a young girl. Looks like it was drawn by a child to me. I figure it's important, being the only thing in marker, but I have no idea who it could be...

As far as I know, Paul had no young girls in his family.

Complete with (X) and a spiral. There are obviously words at the top but again, I can't make them out.

 Hard to see, but this one is WHY DO YOU WATCH ME.

You think Paul was having an actual conversation? I can only imagine what he was hearing behind those walls...

These are all interesting and shit, but they still don't lead me fucking ANYWHERE. I mean, I need to figure out if Paul left a message in these, because, well...

... I got a call this morning. From the callers.

The only thing he said before hanging up was, "Didn't you realize, yet? Paul is one of us."

I was mildly shocked. I mean, I had figured that he had something to do with them... But who ARE they, anyway? They've been harassing us for a while now, but why? How did Paul exactly join them?

Good questions, but they can't be answered at the moment, unfortunately.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hey, you know how I said I would go into more details about the notes? 
Yeah, I didn't for a specific reason.

Half of the eye pictures went missing yesterday.

I would suppose this means someone had stolen them. You'd think with all the locks we have invested in lately, that something would look like it was broken into, but everything was perfectly fine. Aside from the missing notes, we would have had no idea anyone had been in here.

Of course, it's possible that Shannon or Diane disposed of them for some reason, but I am pretty sure Shannon would not have done so, and Diane thinks they were for a project Shannon was doing.

Maybe she didn't realize? I don't know. I'm just pretty pissed off.

At least all the notes with words are still there.


Those are the only visible words I can find.
Yeah, I have no idea.

I like the idea to take pictures of what is left. I'll do so later... Well I'll hold off and see if I can find those other notes first. Maybe I just put them somewhere accidentally?