Friday, November 12, 2010

I did not want to mention we were having trouble here. The more you worry about something, the worse it can get.

As said, the calls aren't as simple as I've let on, they have gotten quite threatening. I am sure there is at least two distinct males and one female. We've seen no one suspicious around the area, so it's not THAT bad... But I'm getting less and less sleep. Like Shannon, I've been having nightmares. Just stupid shit about knives and glass. It's always a glass house.

Er, aside from that, it's not so bad. The stress has got me down, yeah, but that's only causing me to get a bit sick. Some headaches and nausea, nothing much beyond that. Our performance at work and school has taken a bit, but it's known we're having some tough times.

I just have to wonder why we've been targeted like this. Shannon and I have no real enemies or anything like that, and neither does Diane. None of us even knew Brandon before he met Shannon. It's all so weird.

I should try to entertain these harassers a bit, try and get some info out of them. There might be something I recognize. I don't want to try too hard though, the cops have their own idea in mind.

At the back of my mind, I can't help but wonder where Paul is. Is he even okay? 
I wish I knew.


  1. Having trouble with the neighbors, are ya? :D

  2. ... Oh.

    Hey! How are you doing?

  3. "Oh", that's an awfully sour response. :S
    So this is Shannon's lil' blog? It's...spooky.

  4. Is that somebody you know? It looks sort of like that.

    Sorry I didn't post earlier. Couldn't find time early and kept feeling like crap late.

    Nevertheless... well.

    One: why tag this as 'not fine'? I know that's the name of Shannon's post but..

    Two: It's natural to worry about Paul. there's... nothing you can do for him, though... argh, I don't know. Sorry.

    I feel like crap -now- for no real reason, so don't mind if my demeanor reflects that.

    If the cops are on the case, though, I guess there shouldn't be much to worry about.

    Although I'm sort of curious... what would you do if they just turned up nothing?

  5. What, spooky?
    I suppose so...

    Yeah, I told you about the calls we've been getting, right? I just got a call from one of them not too long ago. Talked to them a bit...

  6. Oh... If they turned up nothing...

    Then they wouldn't be doing their fucking job.

    Yeah, Elliot's a friend of mine. He basically knows what's going down.

  7. Yeah...spoooooky. So you talked to them, hmm? What happened with that?

  8. Well, it was a bit odd. I didn't get much out of it...

    I'll make a post to explain.