Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gettin' a bit swamped here

It's Wednesday! I'm feeling pretty good today, so let's have an update.
I've been busy. Shannon's woken up a few times. She never said anything, just ate and drank a bit before falling back into her coma. Thomas says this is a good thing. I hope that's true.

Thomas introduced me to a friend of his. His name's Joseph. He's a bit dopey looking. He's got these big blue eyes and it seems like he's always got them wide open, like he's afraid he'll miss something if he doesn't do so. I guess, as he's dealt with this shit before, that would make sense. I can only imagine what prolonged exposure could do to someone.

He's not here right now, but he and Tom have been trying to explain this shit to me.

I've been told that when it comes to repelling the Slender, not everything will work for everyone. It's rather unusual for the him to do the exact same thing to every person he chooses. Tom calls them Chosen, though, he either does not know or did not want to tell me how the Slender goes about choosing who he'll fuck up.

... Ya know, I've seen his comments, EyesOpen's comments, he says most of them had been written in hysteria. I can believe that, after having contact with the Slender myself.

... I think I like calling him the Slender. I'll probably stick with that.

The Slender is an entity that exists on a plane of existence separate from ours. Joseph tried explaining the concept of multiple planes, but I really couldn't care less. It sounds like a bunch of annoying spiritual shit that I think is rather irrelevant. However the Slender was born, whether you believe in the Tulpa Theory or some other damn nonsense, this is what these two believe he's now become.

As he exists on another plane, the Slender's connection with our realm is sporadic. Often, he will be accessing our realm at different times. If you saw him in the morning, then saw him in the afternoon, it's very likely that the Slender could have been off doing an infinite amount of things between those times. This is largely why he's reported to act so differently all the time and somehow be all over the place at the same time. Whether he's kidnapping children, stalking your ass, stealing away your husbands, or recruiting followers of some sort, it's the same Slender at different points of time in his existence.

Or at least, this is what Tom and his friend believes. Joseph didn't sound as sure, really. I guess it really doesn't matter why the Slender works like he does, I just want him to go away.

Hummmmmmmmm, how often has that happened? All this bullshit lately has made it very hard to keep up with other people like I did before.
... Whatever.

I tried asking Thomas how the Slender could have been responsible for all the memory issues Diane and the police were having. He believes that as humans are NOT supposed to leave our realm and are NOT equipped for such a thing, memory loss, sickness, and injury is common when the Slender interacts with people. Some take it better than others.

I could have guessed that myself, anyway. The thing is, it doesn't exactly explain the selective memory loss. I asked Thomas if the callers could have been responsible for it. That maybe they were Slender's followers and somehow had some of his power. He said that was "ridiculous", or some shit. I guess it doesn't matter, it's not like I'll be going back home anytime soon.

Wow, a lot of fucking things I'm filing under "doesn't matter".

Tom told me to stop thinking I can make the Slender go away. I can only HIDE now. That's fucking dandy, but I doubt hiding forever will work. There HAS TO BE A WAY TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT HIM. And no, no, no, I don't want to hear about what other people are doing. My wish is to not "kill" him, no, I just need to get off his radar. To get Shannon off it especially.

I'll listen to Tom's advice, I'll take in what he wants to teach, but I won't accept hiding forever. I just need time.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I went to the house... Shannon's "house". The lights turning off? That was a trap. He knew I was watching. Or something. I should never have went over there at that time, I might have been able to buy some time for Shannon.

I don't remember much after I walked through the front door. My head turned into a fucking mess. Thomas told me I was vomiting like mad when he got me out. Yeah, Thomas. He was the one who saved me. He's indeed Eyes Open, and it turns out he's not all that bad. Whoops. He says he understood why I was so suspicious and that he isn't mad, but... Whatever, fuck.

We're in some rundown house in the middle of nowhere. I honestly have no idea, Thomas says it's better I don't know the location. I don't know why, but as he saved me, I guess I owe him a few favors. I'm not sure how he got me out, apparently the last possible moment was the peak time for Eyes to jump in. He's dealt with the Slender before, apparently. I'm going to believe him.

Now, about Shannon, she's with me. Thomas was able to get her out too, but she's really far gone. She isn't waking up like I did. Thomas says that if I keep talking to her, I might be able to get through. I'm really hoping I can do this. 

I've lost everything. Everything I had on me is gone. I'm not even wearing my own goddamn clothes.

Just FUCK this. I want to fucking go home.

January has been a total blur. Think about that, a total MONTH where I was whothefuckknowswhere and I only remember it being a few days.

Thomas says he can help me put things back in order. He's all I got now.