Friday, November 19, 2010

As Shannon said, Brandon's went missing. While a few people have expressed worry, no one seems too concerned over his disappearance. They are acting as if this is normal for him. From what we know, however, this is far from fucking normal for him. I don't know, maybe people are just confused. We don't want to get too panicked about it... The guy must have been having some problems, started acting odd, and said "kpeace" before getting the fuck out of here. Shannon has no clue, honestly.

One of the callers contacted me again today, where I was told to head to the public library tomorrow at six o'clock. I asked what they wanted and they hung up. Of course I won't be going. I'm not fucking stupid. I'll be contacting the police a bit later to tell them about this shit. Honestly, why tell me to go anywhere? They're nuts.

... Also, Jemma gave me the link to her channel. She's told me her friends really don't believe her, so she wants to get some video evidence. I hope she gets none. I don't want my little sister to be in danger. I really want her to be wrong.

I can't get any decent sleep anymore, this is ridiculous.


  1. Also, another font change. I'm so indecisive.

  2. Wow, I sure hope I'm that cheery if I ever get a stalker.

  3. Brandon's gone? And what are the police doing about THAT? :\

  4. I'm not so sure, exactly. Shannon believes she's going to be questioned about it. We may have to tell them we think whatever happened to Brandon is related to our harassers.

    Honestly, I didn't want to fucking do that. The more ridiculous this gets, the more I can barely believe it, let alone a couple of cops.

    But they will probably take this seriously, they haven't seen what I've seen.