Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Diane is ill

Aaaagh. I had no time for a post this morning. Diane was having a coughing fit last night and I awoke this morning to her puking her guts out.

She made dinner last night, she can only blame herself.

But anyways I had to tend to her this morning. I ended up late for my first class but... oh well at least she was okay for a while. When I got home, she seemed better, but she couldn't get out of bed, so I'll be doing all the cooking tonight of course. I'd call Danny over but he's off visiting someone for the afternoon.

Oh well, I just hope I don't catch what she's got. D:

Monday, August 30, 2010


It's still morning, so the dream I had last night is real fresh in my mind. It went like this:

I was really, really lost. I'm not sure how I GOT lost, maybe I was like Red Riding Hood and had wandered out into the woods to find grandma or something. Whatever the reason, it was probably the coolest forest to get lost in.


Cool, right? So I was lost, trying to find my way around when a vampire popped up. Well, it looked less like a vampire and more like a barbie doll covered in blood but I was interpreting it as a vampire so it had to be one of some kind.

Anyways, it began to chase me, and you know how ALL chases in dreams go, half the time your legs feel like lead and you trip and crawl around stuff but the thing chasing you rarely EVER catches you.

Sadly, this one did.

I fell for the millionth time and it kinda sorta appeared on top of me. It brought out these wings (It looked pretty fucked up at this point) and started choking me with them (somehow xD). From all around me this chanting started up and the dream gets a bit hazy and I'm not too sure what happened after that.

Weird, huh?

The chanting went something like this:

"The bloody doll took me into its arms and cradled me for days
I awoke with a scream inside a deep and intricate maze
Lost for years, I eventually died, lost in my purple haze"

(No, I actually didn't hear any chanting, I'm just being dramatic :P ... It's really stupid DX)

Chanting or no chanting, the dream was still pretty messed.
This is why you don't eat lasagna right before going to sleep.

... And in the slenderblog corner, I have to admit that I have just caught up with "Dreams In Darkness/Watch This City Burn". A shame I hadn't sooner because it's REALLY GOOD. I think I even like it more than The Tutorial. Sorry M.

I still love you the most, M, so don't worry. :P

Also I just found "Seeking Truth". I realize that it has ended so I plan on taking my sweet time with reading that one.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Danny's favorite food is pizza.

Well, not really, but he orders so much of the stuff that I think he's insane. Empty pizza boxes litter the area directly surrounding Danny. ALL THE TIME.

Let's say this is me, "Yo, I'm gonna order from that chicken place (a local place, AWESOME chicken), want anything?"

Then Danny thinks on this for a good moment before responding. "They make pizza too, right?"

"Well, yes, but their chicken is way better. That's what they're KNOWN for."

"... I'll get pizza."

And then I sigh as Danny decides his toppings. Of course none of it involves chicken. He's so silly.

On the topic of favorite foods, mine has got to be... well I'm not really sure. I guess one thing I love that I hear a lot of other people say they like is mashed potatoes and gravy. Mmmm. Turkey's good too.

... Agh, it's the morning and I already want dinner.

Diane loves fish. Really, any kind of fish. Especially crab.

And Danny's actual favorite food? Probably steak. The guy loves his steak. (I find it too chewy most of the time D:)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

This is about Cats

Ok no, this isn't about cats.

I have deceived you.

This is instead about what I am having for breakfast this morning.

... Sugary death cereal. Not that I really dislike Fruit Loops or any of that other stuff. I just, well, don't feel good having that as my starting "meal" for the day.

I didn't get much sleep last night (There was some weird dog around that kept barking, I have no idea where it was coming from and I do not think I have heard it around here before) so I was too tired to bother with my usual meal of eggs and bacon (Yes I have this almost EVERY MORNING). Diane (roommate/online friend mentioned yesterday) is usually the one to eat this stuff so...

I suppose even just eggs and bacon isn't the best of meals, but at least it's better than this cereal. Or any cereal, in my opinion.

AT LEAST TODAY SEEMS LIKE IT'LL BE NICE. the forecast calls for rain Sunday and Monday so uuuugh (I hate rain, I'm sure most people do). Things always tend to get muddy and bleah.

Danny likes the rain, go figure.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Let me tell you a bit about me

I've found it nice the past few days to take a some time out of my morning to peruse these blogs and write a little blurb here. I'm glad I found it. I think I'll go lurk around at some nice, non-fake blogs soon. ;)

Buuut, my initial idea of commenting on just those other blogs wasn't such a good idea, when I will probably feel like updating faster, and may feel like talking about other things (Like romcoms obv). :D

So, first of all, a little about me.

I'm hardly remarkable. I have to wonder how I came from my parents, who are extremely wonderful people. My father's a doctor, and my mother's a college professor. Yeah.

I on the other hand SUCK (SUCKSUCKSUCK) at academics. Well, most. See, school was a struggle for me, and I wasn't a very athletic girl. Danny was a lot better at this stuff (Despite failing at everything else xD) and helped me out a lot. Thankfully, I eventually realized where my niche was (More on that another day) and have been working toward it since then.

Anyways, the reason why I'm out in Arkansas and not NYC (Where I grew up) is because an online friend (A real damn awesome one who may or may not be introduced to this, lol) said she could hook me up with a nice job down here, a good school for what I want to get into as well. After a few months of deliberating with my parents, I decided to go for it (This school is making me nervous, just started!). I was a bit worried when I moved down here in February, but my friend has been WONDERFUL at settling me in.

Now I know it may seem a bit far and extreme, Danny was quick to point this out, but me and my friend had been in contact for years at that point, and always DREAMED of living near/with each other. We talked about it a lot after we were both out of our respective high schools, and eventually she informed me of a school she had in mind for me. I almost got her to come to New York instead (and I do think this might have been better) but she really didn't want to leave her state. i love her to death and I'm glad I did this, though.

Of course Danny came with me because he can't do nuthin' without me :P

So yeah I'm living with that friend I was talking about, sharing the rent. Danny was too for a bit but he wanted to get one on his own (he's foolish like that) but I'm over there every weekend anyway! :D I think I can convince him to move back in... he's not doing so good with jobs, it makes me worried.

Also I have green eyes and brown hair.

That enough?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meet Danny

lol, my first follower!
Danny, you're such a charmer.

You know you're set when Dan the Man approves. :P

IF anyone is confused, Danny is a good friend of mine. Wait, SCRATCH THAT, he's my best friend, totally. We go way back, you see. He's a good guy, just try to ignore his cussin' (He likes to swear on the internet, makes him sound all badass xD)

I suppose it was a bit soonish of me to ask for some other blogs when no one's probably even seen this yet! I'll try to be more visible on those slendermanblogs, you'll see! :)

Though I think my favorite right now is The Tutorial. M seems a bit charming to me. ;D
I hope there will be a new post soon.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hey guys!!

I'm new to blogspot (obviously), but in the short time I've been around I have been utterly fascinated by the 'slenderman' blogs (ARGS, right? Help me out with the lingo here) that I can find.

I've almost got caught up with a bunch (Cool stuff, guys <3), and I've commented on a few already. It's really neat way to tell a horror story! Cute.

So! I guess I will use this blog to talk about these other blogs (yaaaay?).

First order of business however, I want all of y'all (If anyone DOES come by this, we'll see) to show/link me to me a few of these kinds of blogs/Args that you know of. Not just Slenderman ones either! let's make this a rich experience for me :)

(Hehe <3)