Sunday, November 21, 2010

I really need sleep

. . .

I'm sorry but, I don't remember a lot of last night.

We all went to the library. It was closed for some reason... I think they were working on something for it? Ugh, well, we looked around a bit and eventually I found... Well no, first I fucking walked around to the back, where you can make your way to the park, right? A fucking squirrel jumped out and scared the shit out of me. I mean, fuck, can I be any jumpier?

Now, see, in this little alley/space before you follow along the path to the park, there is one single tree. I am POSITIVE I approached it with Diane, and saw an envelope in it. I grabbed it and saw my name was on it.

But, umm, then everything went blank. I woke up in my bed this morning with no memory past that. And no envelope. I asked Diane... She says there was no envelope, and that I hit my head after tripping or something. Apparently everyone had to bring me home because I was really out of it. Shannon wasn't there to see the thing, so she doesn't remember it either... However, she says that after a few minutes, I told everyone we were done and headed out for dinner like planned.

Umm, wtf?

I've had nights like this before, but only after getting SERIOUSLY drunk. But I don't think I was drinking...

I suppose this was a combination of lack of sleep, stress, and someone ACTUALLY hitting their head. The guy who called me must have just wanted to send me somewhere to annoy me, or saw I had a bunch of people and didn't go through with whatever they wanted. Fucking idiots.

Does lack of sleep affect memory? I think it does. That would make sense.


  1. innocence,


    two things that ARE NOT the same.

    you are the latter, the worse.

    we hate naivety. HE hates naivety.

    it only encourages him to make you more and more

    ha ha ha ;lk;l;sl;l;la;l;ll;l;l|r;||;un

  2. Please excuse Shiloh, he's not feeling very well. :(

  3. It's spelled naivete.

    Lack of sleep does tend to do this sort of thing but this scale is preeeetty screwed up. And multiple conflicting viewpoints? I don't know, man...

    And Shiloh? You may be long past the edge of sanity, but speaking in cryptic tones like this give you NOTHING for profoundness, and nothing for impact.

  4. What do you suppose is right, Dan?

    They all say they took you straight home. I KNOW that is not what happened. Diane is giving me the same story. I told you this morning that I am starting to get worried about our friends, right?

    I thought Brandon was a nice guy but then he got weird and vanished. Maybe I was right about his being nice and something bad happened, I DON'T KNOW.

    Why are the police losing interest in helping us? Why is Diane being confusing with us?

    I know this sounds dramatic but can we really trust them?

    ... No, I don't know what I am saying. Diane would never do that to us. To me. But that's what I thought about Shiloh and LOOK AT HIM.

    I just don't know.

  5. . . .

    I don't know either, okay? But let's not start assuming things and shit. Let's give the police a bit more time.

    Btw, I'm at Richard's. I'll be home around... 12, I think? We'll see.

  6. Okay, older-more-obscene-not-but-with-same-name-me, listen.

    "Assuming things and shit" is one thing. But there are logical steps. And you do NOT have to put them off because they COULD lead to something of assumption.

    What do you have for facts? Well

    1. you're underslept for no reason.
    2. Your mentally ill friend disappeared
    3. Shannon's friend disappeared
    4. Shiloh's gone crazy
    5. Everyone's giving a different story about last night.
    6. People are harassing you in cryptic ways.
    7. The incident with the streetlights would be pretty damn hard to set up.

    Take what you will. Just put some facts together for new facts, even!

    Or tell me what you make of it. And not "bullshit" or "not assuming", gimme YOUR assumption. Don't just block it out.

  7. What are you suggesting? It is POSSIBLE that a rational explanation can be found for all of it.

    1 - I can't sleep BECAUSE of all these other points
    2 - Paul disappeared because he was just that: Mentally ill. The doctors (And the goddamn cops for that matter) were utterly useless.
    3 - I never trusted Brandon from the very beginning.
    4 - Shiloh is NOT CRAZY. He's just fucking around.
    5 - Umm... I don't have anything for that.
    6 - These people are just nuts and we were their damn unfortunate target.
    7 - That night was fine, nothing barely happened.

    What is YOUR assumption, younger-less-obscene-not-but-with-same-name-me? What am I supposed to gather from this?

    Don't for a second tell me to start thinking of an irrational explanation for any of this. It's just a crazy time for me, and I don't need anyone, and this includes you Shannon, to tell me nonsense.

    What, are ghosts playing tricks on me? Am I supposed to start thinking we're the center of a town-wide conspiracy? Should I start believing in that fucking slender piece of shit? How about the Bigfoot as well? Why not?!

    This just in, Bigfoot kidnapped my friend Paul. What the fuck will we do?!

    No thank you.

  8. you dont get it.

    rationality, logic,

    meaningless in fathers wake

    he IS reality.

    anything else is heresy

    as much as my flesh burns in this downpour
    at least i'm not a liar. at least im not NAIVE

    hes proud of me, didnt you know?

    ;j;l;j;l;p;k;ul;a;l;i;k;e;. ke

  9. I don't like this Shiloh guy.

    He had the nerve to claim me as a sister.

    What the hell does that even mean? I'm not going to be the Thing's servant, will I?

  10. Look, Shiloh, shut the fuck up.

    And Nessa, don't worry about it, if anything he was just trying to intimidate you.

  11. Actually, what I find most disturbing about all of this is the fact that your friends *aren't* all giving different stories - with the exception of Shannon, they all have the same thing to say (unless I misunderstood something).

    That's creepy! I'm assuming that Shannon's memory is correct and her recollection of the events is the version to trust, yeah? So what's going on with everyone else? Did they all get together and agree to lie, or is something else going on?

    Stay as safe as you can, and please keep us updated.

  12. oh FFS this site deletes half my god damned comments.

    1. you seemed to be having sleep problems BEFORE this crap
    2. the streetlights went out
    3. Yeah, tell me when you DO figure something out.

    Anyways, I'm saying a bit more caution wouldn't freakin' hurt. Honestly, crazy people are, surprise, dangerous.

    And shiloh seems more... oh, "batshit insane" than anything else right now. Maybe if your SERIOUS pleas to a friend could get him to say one rational thing, I'd believe otherwise.

  13. Okay, I'm sorry. I'm going to figure this out.

    I'm going to have a long talk with Diane, certainly.

  14. Sorry as well; I'm a biiiit headstrong like that.

    If you don't like it... well, just tell me to fuck off properly and I will.

  15. There's no need for that, Sam.

  16. I wonder what it's going to take for you to wake up...does somebody have to die in order for you to get the picture? Because that'll happen, kid, and sooner rather than later.

  17. I dunno, he's been pretty headstrong thus far.

    Seriously, open your eyes, man. It's simple.

  18. Damnit...

    Shannon, is there any waY WE could talk?

    Zeke... Still think your amazin.

    Shiloh... Fuck you...