Sunday, October 3, 2010


I told Shannon to check out the blog today.

I sign in to find she apparently hadn't?

What the fuck. I tried so hard to get her to not bother with it in the beginning, and now here I am, posting in it way more then she is!

Btw, it's 11PM. My favorite hour.

I stayed up til... about 2AM last night. I crashed right at the kitchen table. Diane found me in the morning, my face covered in keyboard indents. The night before it was 3AM... Hopefully tonight that means it'll be 1AM... I doubt it.

So, how about them movies. When was the last time I fucking went to the theater? Maybe I'll grab Shannon and go see something. Or perhaps find a date... A date? Hah!

Speaking of dates, I think Shannon met some guy. He seems okay, I'll have to make sure he's not a total douchebag. I'm not really sure who's good for her, honestly, Shannon has never had very many boyfriends, which I think she mentioned here...

Whatever, forget about that, this is about movies. I... don't think I watch enough TV to know what's even playing right now.

God, I have to go look that up.


  1. It may be my eyes at 11:30, but does anyone else find it harder to read the shit in the posts?

    ... Maybe my monitor is off.

  2. Is everything okay over there? Is Shannon all right? Do you know anything else about this guy she's met?

    I'm sorry if I seem like a creep because I don't know you guys personally, but if we can't connect and worry about each other through the blogosphere, then what the hell are we doing here, am I right?

  3. No it's fine, I'm actually becoming more content with this place.

    This guy... Okay I haven't even met him. Shannon was just musing about him today. I'll definitely find out more about him.

    And Celeste, thanks for caring, I'll make sure to actually read your blog.

  4. Only teachers and preachers call me Celeste, although I suppose my display name doesn't help. You guys can call me Celie.

    It's good to hear that everything's okay. I'll still be following when I have some free time; I suspect the next few weeks might be a little hectic on this end. But I'll be around, and you guys can email me if you like (celeste.mclachlan at gmail).

  5. Tell her I need to talk to her Danny.
    Like, bad.
    Really bad!