Monday, October 25, 2010

The Mysteries of Shannon

 Well, I appreciate the comments, even if some of you decide to give me some odd cryptic advice. Celie, I'll answer your questions, as they lead into what I wanted to say.

First off, about Brandon, no I have not been around him enough to make much of a judgment, but Shannon tells me he's AMAZING. We've talked a few times and I never got much of a bad vibe from him. I know her word can't always be fact, but I honestly see no harm from the guy.

I have thought about it, really, but he just did not exactly sound like who was on the phone. I just figured, who else but Brandon would be looking for her? However, it could have been a classmate, some random friend... The thing is, Shannon usually tells me fucking EVERYTHING and if there was any friend of her's... I would probably know who he is!

If anyone had been in the house as I slept, they didn't do anything that I fucking noticed. Should I ask Diane if she noticed anything?

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense that Shannon is simply setting me up for some joke, or perhaps she is just hiding something silly. She is usually NEVER like this, avoiding subjects with me and not returning some of my calls. She's almost totally ignoring me even though I'm her fucking best friend! So yes, she is acting a little off, but I wouldn't use the word irritable. Heck, maybe she's just having a bitchy month and figures we need space or some shit.

As for the flu, the only person I know who's had the flu in the last few months is Diane, and she's been uncharacteristically nice lately.

So the only real mysterious thing is either: What is Shannon hiding?
Or: What is Shannon planning?

She probably checks the blog still, sees that I'm posting. So she will probably read this...

Whatever, I'll just keep badgering her about it.

And as for my email... I suppose that was a bit damn harsh, but, really I am still not very comfortable with talking much here. It's nice to see some consistent commentators, really, but I don't feel the need to bother with anything beyond this web page.

I suppose I just need to ease into it more, yes?


  1. Alternatively, I'll start saving and reposting comments in the odd unlikely case (who knows, people are acting many shades out of their character now) that she dropped by to delete any of the right ones.

    And heh, I have MSN/AIM/Skype/whatever the hell people talk about but whatever, doesn't seem to be that relevant or urgent.

    I wouldn't distrust anyone in particular here, but... Shannon seems like she's SORT of overdoing it. And I mean, if it's getting to you like this it wouldn't seem to be in her general past character.

    Um, have you had any contact since "I had a nightmare?" This seems slightly (or more than slightly off) off. All of it. I can't place too much aside from the blatant uncharacteristicism (I made up a word from otherwise valid suffixes!).

    Well, anyways, keep an eye out, do practical crap if shit DOES hit the fan. Always annoying to see that x huge incident is being posted about and causing drama when, say, someone could call the police.

    Also, don't refer to me by my name, it feels weird. I have to be the guy that stole your name or something >.>;

  2. Of course I've had contact with her, we live together, after all. She just seems so uninterested in whatever I have to say lately... Locking herself in her room and shit, too.

    Of course if anything DID happen, I'm not going to sit here and angst about it. If there is someone thinking of breaking into this house, they are in for one hell of a ride.

    I will call you Sam, why not?

  3. Right... uninterested literally or... more actively? I don't really know what I'm doing here, I guess. My nerves and breathing are still shot from drama completely unrelated to this xD

    And, well, that's good to know. It pains me to see logic unused in critical situations.

    And... Iunno why not. 'cept one of two sams I knew was a crackhead jerk, but I don't really care xD

  4. I just haven't been able to have a fucking nice talk with her.

    ... If I may ask, what has gotten you into such a frenzy? I doubt you would even mention it if you didn't want to share.

  5. Ah. That's... well, a simple pain. Sorry 'bout that >.<

    Ummm, well. In short, I seem to have a stupid emotionally precognitive ability to tell when I'm about to lose something of emotional importance BEFORE the signs show up but after it's possible to do anything about it. The feeling that gives me said warning is unpleasant and highly adrenaline inspiring.

    But there's not too much to that; I lost a friend this time (fuck sexism heh). Elaboration... well, I can, I guess, if asked, but this blog ain't mine xD

  6. That is... sure interesting. And a trait you didn't steal from me. Good job.

    You don't have to elaborate, I got the idea, and I can't imagine talking about the loss of a friend to some random guy on the internet is exactly easy.

  7. Pfft haha I just have instincts or whatever. It's only been four times, so it's probably just luck that it was right then. Or something. I dunno.

    And I don't actually really care anymore what I spill on the internet, short of phone number address. I don't actually really bother to hide anything.