Sunday, October 31, 2010


"Halloween wraps fear in innocence,
As though it were a slightly sour sweet.
Let terror, then, be turned into a treat..."

Anyways, last night was nice. Shannon didn't act odd at all, and we had a pleasant night out at one of the restaurants in town. Of course, we didn't talk about her boyfriend, or Paul, or Shiloh, or any of this fucking blog nonsense...

I suppose that was the best part.

Tonight, we're heading to a costume party. One of Diane's friends is behind it so she invited us too. Us is including Brandon, so I don't expect to see much of Shannon during the night.

It should be fun though, I'm being a zombie of sorts.
It's going to look good, really.


  1. Btw, I decided to try out a new font. I think it looks better.

  2. It looks like everything is italicized though.

    I have platemail to wear! Which was also fun at school for costume day, due to a number of reactions. The first is a wtf stare, the second is to be a jerk because it's shiny and hit it hard -- and subsequently hurt one's own fist, which is wonderfully karmic. Some people ask questions which is less fun.

    And then one grade nine like... leapt into the wall to avoid me. And I was gonna get out of his way, so that was sorta funny.