Friday, October 8, 2010


Shannon finally told me why she hasn't been on.

"I had a nightmare."

Not wtf does that mean? I tried getting her to explain but she blew me off, saying I should be happy. Before I would be but... Now I want her to post here.

Jesus effing Christ.

Anyways, this guy she met, Brandon, he's alright. He seems nice enough, he's hung out with her a couple of times and she says he's really comfortable to be around... Well, I suppose I'm fine with them dating, it is likely they will begin to. Shannon deserves someone fun to be with.

As for me? With Shannon gone a couple of nights, me and Diane have actually sat down and talked. She's not so bad when you get her on a topic you enjoy as well. I've also been busy visiting Paul and stuff. He's doing okay, I can tell he seems a bit off, but it's very minimal. I wish I knew the exact reason the doctors were so worried about keeping him there. He has not mentioned the stuff before even once, I don't think.

I am confident his memory loss will be cured eventually. Best to hope.

... I've got another visit tomorrow, we'll see how that goes.


  1. Also, my fucked up sleep pattern is still fucked up.

    Go me.

  2. I always have a messed up sleep pattern -- god damn it I swear I'm not here to steal everything about you.

    Or I'm a doppelganger out to kill you and assume your identity, but I haven't been quite profane enough to assume the guise.

    Anyways, I'd assume that neither Paul nor the staff have given much useful information about why he's there/near detained.

    And (piles and piles of memes and wannabe memes aside) what the hell does a nightmare have to do with this blog?

    Well, I don't have much -useful- to say, I guess. Sorry.

  3. Yeah, fuck you.

    Well I know why he's there, I just figure he's better enough to come home. There must be something I'm seriously not getting.

    When I went yesterday, he said a few odd things, but I don't think they meant anything...

    Ugh, why am I up at fucking 10:30 anyway? Fuck that.

  4. Hm. I'd ask about what sort of things but it doesn't seem to really at all be my place to inquire really.

    You bothered to ask the staff 'bout the discrepancy in judgements?

    And if you don't have to be, I have no idea why you'd be up at that half-decent hour.

  5. Before it got to the boiling point, Paul had been experiencing... I don't know, insane visions. Thought people and shit were after him and nonsense.

    I'll uhh... Explain this better in a post soon.

  6. Ah, alright then. Seems like 'typical' paranoia but I guess we'll see.