Sunday, October 24, 2010

I've calmed down

Really, I have.

I talked with Diane a bit about Paul this morning. Really, there was nothing I could have done before and there is nothing I can do now. Who I should really be mad at is the fucking doctors that let him slip out.

... How is that even possible? Are they THAT FUCKING STUPID that they would let a goddamn mental patient walk out of their clinic?

Paul isn't Michael Myers, this isn't a fucking slasher film. What happened should not have happened. It was some mighty fine incompetence on the doctors' part.

His family is of course, not happy either. They think I had something to do with it, or something. Fuck them.

As for the phone call I mentioned. It was a few days ago, I answered the phone and some dipshit who couldn't help but whisper was asking for Shannon. I assumed it was Brandon. I told him she wasn't home at the time, as she had gone out with Diane.

And what did he say? "Good, you're home alone. I'll be right over."

Then he fucking hung up.

Thankfully, no one showed up that night.

I don't even know if that WAS Brandon, I feel no need to contact the guy and obviously Shannon didn't think much of it. It was just really stupid and it annoyed the FUCK out of me because I started thinking that Shannon was the one behind it. If it was a Halloween joke, the guy COULD have said something more creepy, like, "I'm coming over to cut you up."

... Or something like that.

God, disappearing friends who just happened to have gone insane and mysterious phone calls. This really is a fucking slasher film.


  1. Further in you get, it's only gonna get meaner and meaner...

    You better get mean too, boo.

  2. I made a post here and it seems to have disappeared. Deliberate?

  3. Are you sure there's nothing you're missing about this Brandon guy? Are you sure no one came to the apartment, maybe while you were sleeping? Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary with Shannon? Has she been irritable, or just acting a little off? Have either of you experienced flu-like symptoms (I know how silly that sounds, but just bear with me)?

    You know my email address, and I'm here if you need any support. Tell Shannon the same. Just do me and the rest of us a favor and don't disappear again. We worry about you guys.

  4. You have Skype or Gmail? You can always contact me.

    Skype : JABgamer

    Gmail: JABgamer7.

  5. Zeke, hello there. How are you? That's good. Be a little less cryptic next time, okay buddy?

    Daniel, if there was any comments deleted, I had no hand in deleting them. I wouldn't be surprised if the shitty site fucked up from time to time.

    And Celie, that's quite a bit to consider. I'll... give you your answers in a post. One second.

  6. btw, I am not about to give out my email, ha. And no, I don't feel the need to make a new one so we can communicate.

    I am not so public as, say, Shannon.

    With Shannon absorbed in her own life, this blog is now mine, and it is all the connection I feel we need. Okay? Good.