Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paranormal Activity

The movie.

Me and Shannon had talked a bit this morning, planned on watching the sequel tonight.

... Except, I got a text a little bit ago where Shannon decided to tell me that she can't do it tonight because she'll be with Brandon the rest of the afternoon.

I'm her best friend and she dropped our plans? What the HELL

I was thinking of going to the theater anyways, to spite her... But only losers go to a theater alone. Maybe I'll stay home and watch fucking Lion King.


  1. That's... cold and unusual. Did she even apologize?

    (haha I'm too much of a loser to be a loser; I don't go out to movies enough to wind up going out to one on my own without others instead dragging me along)

  2. She did say sorry, but whatever.
    I ended up watching the motherfucking Lion King with Diane.

  3. That sounds rather unlike the Shannon you've told us about. She had nothing but praise for you when she was posting regularly, and now suddenly drops your plans?

    On the other hand, maybe we're all being a bit paranoid about this. Shannon is a young woman in a new relationship; the regrettable events concerning Paul aside, there's nothing here to suggest that anything is out of the ordinary except a bit of puppy love. Their relationship is still in the exciting, new, "I-just-want-to-be-with-you-every-waking-second" phase. It's possible that she doesn't even know she's hurting your feelings.

    That doesn't make what she did any less bitchy, but at least it's an explanation that doesn't cause paranoia in the peanut gallery (the peanut gallery being your regular commenters, Zeke, Daniel, and myself :P).

  4. Oh man, yay, I get to join the peanut gallery!

    And then again you're getting along with Diane, now, and I'd gotten the impression you didn't prior to this... hm.

  5. Well, yes, I have considered that Shannon probably is just SO smitten with this guy that she's not realizing she's brushing me off...

    The thing is, Shannon has never really been in many relationships. I suppose I really don't know how she is with a boyfriend, so it's possible I am being hasty.

    Although, she hasn't been this way with Diane. In fact, she and Diane have been heading out almost every night that Shannon isn't spending with Brandon.

    I've been home alone a lot this month, and it's just a bit disconcerting.

  6. Don't feel so bad. I see movies by myself all the time. Thought provoking stuff is viewed much better when you don't have your best friend yelling in your ear about how gay the main character's outfit looks...xD

  7. I'm going to assume there's nothing possibly offensive you might've managed that you haven't told us.

    Partly out of trust, partly because if she was easily offended... well.

    I dunno what the heck suddenly made her decide to completely skip out on anything to do with you.

    Geez... like you're cursed, what the hell.