Sunday, September 5, 2010


Okay, what do I talk about?

Today, early this morning, Danny and I went to see his friend Paul at the clinic.

Danny was real cheerful, moreso than usual, I'd say that bodes well for his friend, who seemed really nice after I introduced myself to him.

I was expecting Paul to be a bit strange from what I had heard, but he turned out to be really really normal. He and Danny sat and talked about sports and movies. I was expecting the conversation to be a bit deeper.

From the visit alone, I got no impression Paul was under stress or trauma from any sort of accident.

I suppose that's a good thing? I'm no doctor, that's for sure.

Anyways, back to slenderblogs for a moment, I'm a bit disappointed that "Dreams in Darkness" ended the way it did. It's sad, yes, but it also strikes a bit of a blow to the realism of some of the other blogs. Not that they are terribly realistic anyway, just...

I suppose we could pretend everyone behind an ARG is insane, for the lulz. :P


  1. I hear ya, Dreams in Darkness was my favorite. My therory for that one. Due to how Ted Died, Damien WEnt into a state of a factured mind (ever play Silent hill 2? kinda like that) So he made 3 personalities, one tht he entered that helped him create and improve theese fabrications,like make the drawings. Himself, and TA, his mind cracked, and he killed himself, HE saw SM but it was only a hallucination of his mind. THe cause and the state of teds death, turned him into a mental case. yeah I love making theese theories, Im a fan. Im JABgsmer7, but just call me JAB, Im gonna start following from now on, and ive thought of doing my own ARG, just a thought for now though......

  2. Thanks so much for your input. :D

  3. Have you watched Marble Hornets yet? I'll be seriously dissapointed if you haven't. I'm sure as hell not going to finish it anytime soon. I can't watch any scary movies...EVER.

  4. Oh! Yes, I finished watching them... :P they were unnerving but not THAT scary. I showed them to Danny but he said he'd already watched them or something.

    Also, I wish I had seen them earlier, they were mentioned in "Dreams in Darkness" but I never paid much attention to it.

    So yeah, not too scary, but really cool.