Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To Clarify

Oh, a comment. Hello Celeste, I suppose I made it sound rather dire for Shannon personally. She'll probably mention it here anyway, so I'll inform you now.

A member of her family passed away. An uncle.

Despite knowing her family very well, I had no fucking idea the guy existed. So I doubt he was real close with Shannon. Still, she was pretty shaken up over it and she quickly headed out to NYC where the funeral will be.

Ugh, me and Diane alone is not optimal. I'll be following Shannon within the week, her parents plan to pay for my travel expenses. They are fucking cool parents, I'm practically their son, that's how close we are.

Anyways, obviously Shannon is in no real mood to be on the internet. I'll post about something... not dumb in a bit.

(I'll get rid of the Overlords thing, it's a bit immature)


  1. Oh! I'm so sorry to hear that...
    If she's around give her my condolences and a hug for me, alright?

  2. Likewise, I'm really sorry to hear for her loss, but I'm glad that Shannon herself is in good health (well, as good as she can be after having lost a family member).

    My deepest condolences, guys.

    ~ Celie