Friday, September 3, 2010

Danny has Finally Moved Back In


Sorry for not posting the last few days, as I have said, Diane was sick (but she is feeling better) AAAAAANNNNNND Danny was keeping me busy moving his stuff in! So, as of now, Danny is officially living back with us!

He's been pretty busy himself between moving and visiting his friend.

Umm... I guess I'll mention his friend is someone who I barely know. His name's Paul and Danny met him at work or something. Apparently they got along well!

Paul was recently in the hospital over an accident and is now in rehabilitation over it (So you can imagine the severity of the hospitalization). Paul has been allowed visitors the last few days, so...

I plan on going with Danny Sunday to see him. I've only met him once, so it should be interesting.

Anyways, ciao for now!


  1. Accident? What happened? Like...a car accident...?

  2. Umm, no, it was definitely an accident of some sort.

    It was an accident at home or something, Danny didn't elaborate and I never asked Paul.

    So yeah, went to see Danny's friend. It was actually kind of bland. I'll make a post later tonight.