Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm back, it's late, I'm tired.

I see Danny never made a real post here, he said he did! Haha...
Well anyways, sorry, I had no time for this or anything like it. I'm sure that's understandable, right?

Thank you so much for following, Celeste! Don't worry, I'm fine, your concern has been appreciated. I'll catch up on your blog tomorrow! Same to you, Shiloh.

Speaking of blogs... I never finished "Seeking Truth", but look at that, it seems to have started up again! I'll keep watching for that...


  1. Oh and Danny, shut up, the blog looks fine... Though, two contributors takes away the point of the left bar.

    I'll move it over.

  2. Can't you just tell Danny that in person? Isn't he like, LIVING with you?

    Glad to have you back! I was getting lonely on AIM, lol.

  3. Uhh, yeah. But it was a blog related thing that I felt to publicly say (Besides, Danny is asleep atm).

    I'll get on tomorrow, too tired to bother tonight...

  4. You're so weird sometimes, haha.

    Night Shan. Oh, did you know someone starting following my blog while you were away! Sick!

  5. I actually had a convorsation with zeke on Do you need Doctors help....... Hes insane....

  6. Don't worry Shiloh, I know.

    Really? I need to go check up a bunch of the blogs now.

  7. Let he who has never lost his mind in one form or another be the one to cast the first stone...heheheheheh...

  8. Umm woah, Zeke himself graced my blog.

    It's like meeting a celebrityyyyyyy~

  9. Please, just call me Celie. ^.^

    I'm sorry I haven't been around these past few days; I've had a few things to worry about over at the homestead, and on that note, I may not comment again for a little while, as I'm trying to figure out my situation. But rest assured, I'm following your blog as best as I can.

    Having said that, I'll be around whenever you need support (or, well, as much support as I can give via the internet).