Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Symbol...

When I was pouring over the notes, I couldn't help but notice a recurring symbol thing...

I didn't think much of it, I couldn't figure out what it meant. I thought it was just some random mess of lines that Paul thought looked nice... Which they still probably are, but see...
I saw the symbol again. I was just taking a walk, and I saw it chalked into the ground.

It's essentially within a small concrete clearing surrounded by a couple of buildings. A few alleys go into it, but it's not much...

The two symbols were there, closest to this building. It's just a convenience store, and some sort of used goods place that connects to it, as far as I know.

Now this symbol might or might not mean anything, but it's unique enough that this probably isn't a coincidence. Really, chalk doesn't stick the fuck around for very long, they must have been drawn recently. Whoever drew them knew I sometimes take my walk in that alley... maybe?

But, what does it mean? Should I check out the stores, or just hang around the alley for a while? I have no fucking clue. These callers and Paul seem to be just fucking with me some more, and I'm getting tired of playing around.

Though, it seems I don't have much fucking choice.


  1. Interesting.. Obviously some one expected you to see em, If you do decided to hang around or investigate I advise you take something for self defense! Stay safe~

  2. Careful... it's intriguing, yes -- I'm curious too -- but following crap like that also seems questionable.

    At the very least, don't go alone, don't go at night, and don't go without some means of locational discerning.

  3. I was around there for about an hour today with a friend of mine, nothing at all happened, and there was nothing there waiting for me.

    I'm going to do this again tomorrow, and if nothing come up, I may have to start asking questions to the people who own the stores.

  4. Looks like some people marking their territory.
    You know the ones.

    What's the word, D-man? Steer clear or dive further into the depths?

  5. Turns out investigating was just what they wanted.