Tuesday, December 7, 2010



Just... Fuck. I screwed some shit up, oh yes I fucking did. She said she isn't mad, but..

Okay, as you may know I was hanging out around that alley for a good while today. It was a slow fucking wait for what felt like... I don't know, a long fucking time. Finally after about an hour and a half, the time being 5:30, I noticed some dude staring at my friend and I from the north entrance of the alley. He had a hoodie on, so I wasn't quite sure what he looked like.

Now, see, it was around this time that Shannon phoned me. She had gotten home around five, noticed Diane had went out, and planned on patiently waiting for me to get home.

My phone had died by the time we saw the guy watching us. Shannon had heard strange banging coming from outside, got worried, and phoned me. Too bad my phone was out.

I started heading toward the guy, motioning for my friend to follow. (My excuse before had been that I HAD to meet someone there at an unspecified time. He was fine enough with that excuse.)

Of course, when we started following, the staring dude started leaving. We began to follow him down the sidewalk, when he suddenly broke into a run. I was fucking pissed now, I just KNEW this guy was one of the callers. I was certain of it. I wanted to catch him and pay him back for all the shit Shannon and I had been put through the last few months.

But when Shannon couldn't get a hold of me, she called Diane. Diane was out with a friend of hers and wasn't too interested in whatever Shannon had to say. You know, normally Diane WOULD have been all over that, probably would have headed straight home, but for some reason she just didn't care tonight. Whatever has been the cause of the memory loss I'm sure had a hand in that. I can't blame Diane.

So anyway, we looked fucking ridiculous, chasing this guy down the goddamn sidewalk. He wasn't very fast, or at least, wasn't trying too hard to get away. I'm sure now that he was simply there to distract us. The timing was too perfect.

Eventually, the banging at our place stopped, and Shannon calmed down a bit. Just a few minutes later though, there was a knock at the door. According to Shannon, she waited and waited for whoever it was to go away, but for a good five minutes the knocking continued. Shannon eventually broke and ran up to the door, screaming, "What is it, what do you want?!"

The door was supposed to be locked, yet the guy was able to open it up easy fucking peasy.

At about there, we lost track of the dude we were chasing. I had no idea how, we made a turn and he had seemingly vanished without a goddamn trace. I was just... RAGING while my friend attempted to calm me down. I feel bad now because, well, he had no clue what I was going on about.

Now I think they had messed up a bit, thankfully, as I quickly found a letter with my name on on top of the nearby mailbox. Basically it said, "We have her." At this time, I suppose the guy was just entering the apartment. They must not have planned on Shannon being so... tough. In the time it took me to run back to my friend's car and race home- it had to be at least ten minutes- she had successfully fended the guy off. Or at least I think so. Shannon isn't saying much, and when I got in the fucker was on top of her with a needle about to stab her in the neck.
He was quick. When he saw me, he leaped off Shannon and tackled me right back out the door. I slammed into the wall, and by the time I recovered, he was down the flight of stairs and out the front door. My friend was waiting outside, and said he barely even saw the guy as he ran past.

Needless to say, this was one fucked up night, and also one that has made it clear that these guys aren't to be fucked with. They lured me away, distracted me while they attempted to... kidnap Shannon, I guess.

After I got her to calm down, I contacted the police. I've spent a good amount of the afternoon going over this shit with them, and I am just so fucking tired, I'm so PISSED at myself for being so dumb. If only my phone hadn't died...

Thankfully, Diane is back now, and she's been apologizing to Shannon for a while now about not taking her seriously. Like I said, I can't blame Diane.

I'd really like to know why Diane and other people's memories are going out like this. I hope I don't start losing me memory... Well there was the time at the library, and Halloween, but nothing compared to what Diane has forgotten, at least.

I think this blog helps. If I am being affected, I think this blog is keeping the effects to a minimum.
 ... Or at least I fucking hope so.

EDIT: Its seems that Shannon made her own post describing what happened to her.

Oh yeah, I'm pretty shocked. Wasn't expecting that. The fucked up thing is that I don't know if Shannon simply hallucinated it. These callers seem to have the power to make us forget stuff, why not make us remember stuff differently?


  1. This May be hard, but there is a possibility that these intruders might in fact your friends Brandon and/or Paul. People who have been exposed to the Slenderman have been known to develop changes to their personality and mental illness, such as dissociative identity disorder. If either of them had access to a key, or knew where a spare was.

    I do not wish to Insult your friends or cause you distress, But these are things you need to know.

    Be informed,


  2. I've thought about it a lot, honestly. The guy I chased was just too short to be Brandon. Paul though, it could have been Paul.

    I thought I could trust Paul and all he has done has abandon me and try to trick me. For now, I'm considering to believe that these guys WERE the callers and that Paul is indeed with them.

    It all goes back to that fucking Slenderman though, doesn't it?

  3. Fuck, just saw Shannon's post.

    Fuck this shit, people.

  4. However, This does not mean that they are purely malevolent with their intentions. If it is Paul and/or even Brandon, they could just be trying to save you and Shannon from, well, HIM.

    However, I do not recommended testing this theory. Just don't lose faith in your friends. Really, sometimes they are all we have.

    - Origin

  5. I recommend writing things down as you go through your day so when you finally get back to typing up in this blog you'll be able to double check if your memory and what you wrote matches up..

  6. ... Actually, that's a very good idea, Neena. I'll look into grabbing a notebook to start writing in.

    Anyway, Shannon's feeling a bit under the weather after last night, so I'm gonna have to stick around home for a bulk of the morning.

    From Shannon's perspective, her attacker did indeed seem like yet another victim of our tall friend. However, I honestly believe that it didn't happen... that Shannon had imagined it.

    Bleeding nose? There was no blood at all. The knife looked like it hadn't moved from its usual spot. There is no evidence to support the story.

  7. Don't start doubting Shannon just yet. What she says happened is implausible, yeah, but please don't disregard the possibility. That would just be foolish. You guys have to watch each other's backs, you know?

    Keep in mind what you're dealing with- Erasing evidence is well within his power.

  8. Crap, sorry, I've been shit out of time...

    The hell, though... I guess I'd been saying this from the start: batshit insane people are fucking dangerous, but still this is... a bit more than I expected on any level.

    Agreed with what Holly says -- even if crap is going hallucinatory? Better not to sow strife over it.

    Bonus, let's hope I'm not gonna be in deep shit over this -- fucking diabolical some monster bothers to spread through information over the internet.

    Man, I'm a badmouthed little fucker today, aren't I?

  9. Damn it, man... lifesigns please...

  10. Sorry, man, I've just been a bit distracted lately.

    I'll make a short post to confirm I'm not dead/kidnapped.