Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Notes

Alright, I've taken pictures of the notes that aren't covered in eyes. Those are simply too much to take in all at once. This is obviously Slendy stuff, and that bugs the shit out of me. Paul was really into Slenderman though, he kept up with every single blog and story. He talked about the tall bastard rather fondly, always saying he wished to write a novel about him.

I don't think Paul will get much chance to do that now.

Anyways, the notes are obviously influenced by his love of the original Slenderman stories, I'd say. Only one (X) thing though. A bit surprising, considering he had carved the fucking symbol into his own skin.

But anyways, the notes:

Here we have scribbled note #1. There's a moon... and some scribbles... Fucking stupid, if you ask me.

More scribbly bits.
Scribbled note #2. Lots of X's. Why no circles, Paul?

And a few other BLANK's for good measure.

Scribbled note #3 reminds me of Legend of Zelda. You know, the triforce?
But I doubt that's what Paul was going for here.

Then we have a happy face. I guess this was Paul's last note before the incident?

Last scribbled note. It's fucking weird.

I figure there is another sentence below it, but I can't make it out at all.

A picture of a young girl. Looks like it was drawn by a child to me. I figure it's important, being the only thing in marker, but I have no idea who it could be...

As far as I know, Paul had no young girls in his family.

Complete with (X) and a spiral. There are obviously words at the top but again, I can't make them out.

 Hard to see, but this one is WHY DO YOU WATCH ME.

You think Paul was having an actual conversation? I can only imagine what he was hearing behind those walls...

These are all interesting and shit, but they still don't lead me fucking ANYWHERE. I mean, I need to figure out if Paul left a message in these, because, well...

... I got a call this morning. From the callers.

The only thing he said before hanging up was, "Didn't you realize, yet? Paul is one of us."

I was mildly shocked. I mean, I had figured that he had something to do with them... But who ARE they, anyway? They've been harassing us for a while now, but why? How did Paul exactly join them?

Good questions, but they can't be answered at the moment, unfortunately.


  1. That one scribble looks very much like a mess of tree branches. I'm seeing a lot of branch-like patterns, actually. They're pretty similar to the drawings in the notebook of Just Another Fool, which I believe you're familiar with. The similarity is no coincidence, considering...

  2. A bit familiar with it. I'm sure Paul was extremely familiar with it. I don't know if that blog influenced the notes for sure, but it's pretty likely.

    But does that mean I have to look into Just Another Fool to figure out what Paul meant? That seems like the wrong direction to go in...

  3. Sorry to disappoint you, Danny, but that's not the Operator Symbol, meaning that there are no (X)s in these messages at all.
    That's the Mark of Chaos.

  4. I've just finished reading JAF myself, and I don't think there's anything in there that would really help you. Just more evidence in the Slendery direction. Either that, or Paul's just impressionable- I know I've found myself scribbling that way once or twice after seeing Marble Hornets.

    *googled "Mark of Chaos"* ...Warhammer? What the heck does that have to do with anything?

  5. Oh goody. Well, Paul would have been into that shit. The notes are a good sign of chaos on their own, anyway.

  6. Well, damn...


    I've got nothin' myself -- well, nothing that gets us anywhere.

  7. Hey, this just occurred to me: What if your mysterious callers and Paul's "hallucinations" are the same...? Far-fetched, I know, but there's that "I DO NOT WISH TO JOIN" on the notes, and then that "one of us" phone call...

  8. Honestly, that crossed my mind as well. However, it seems that whether or not he wanted to, he eventually did. Now the question is, did he just change his mind, or did they mess with his mind somehow?

    Honestly, either seems likely. Paul was insane, and I have a bunch of people forgetting who he even was! That would also mean these people have some sort of freaky powers but that is far too crazy for me to even consider.

    Hmm, and a tall faceless guy isn't? I still haven't actually seen him since Halloween, and even then it was sort of sketchy...

    Oh look at me, pretending it was nothing again.

    Anyways, I'm not sure if these notes were addressed to the same people or not. They probably were, but who the fuck knows.

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  10. ... Pardon?
    Is that because I mentioned Legend of Zelda?

  11. Shit shit shit.

    I knew that thing was familiar.