Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Summary

Between Shannon coming and going, me jumping in to post, the posts where I completely freak out... I thought it would be best to summarize the shit that has been going on the past few months. Now, hopefully I haven't forgotten anything.

Back in July, my friend Paul started getting interested in the Slender Man. He quickly became pretty obsessed, read every blog, watched every video series, spent quite a bit of time looking up images and shit. Eventually he tried getting me into it. I found it a bit interesting, but overall the tall bastard just didn't interest me much. I didn't really care about Paul's new found obsession until he started, well, acting really odd.

He started showing up to work sporadically, he would leave me weird text messages, usually quoting a blog or two. It was seriously starting to get to me. I visited him a few times, where he acted pretty normal, and nothing was really out of the ordinary. Those visits calmed me down a bit, made me feel better about my friend's well being. By August though, he had stopped going into work completely. He also started to phone me and tell me how scared he was of the tall fucker.

One day, I phoned him, and all I got was him screaming into the phone. Instead of calling 911 immediately like I should have, I went to his apartment myself. What I saw will forever be burned into my mind. The sight of Paul, huddled on the ground, an bloody operator symbol carved into his chest. He looked at me and held up the knife in his right hand. He whispered, "I'll be okay."

I then called 911.

Now, I do not know what compelled me to do this, but during this fucked up visit, I stole Paul's laptop. I was curious, I guess. When Paul was spending his time in the hospital, I was looking through his laptop. There were so many Slender Man images, some created by Paul even. He had many odd notepad documents (They were gibberish like ysvdbasfdagsdf) and some odd music files. These appeared to have just static and breathing.

I eventually started looking at the slenderblogs myself, to see if I could see how Paul became so obsessed with them. It was through this that Shannon herself got interested in the blogs. She saw me reading them during a visit, and just had to check them out herself. She soon decided to make her own blog. This blog.

Shannon began experiencing strange dreams around the start of September. So did I at the start of October. This is significant because we have both had these same dreams for many nights since then. I dunno if they mean anything though.

September is also when I moved into Shannon's/Diane's apartment. I wasn't exactly welcomed by Diane.

Around this time, Paul had been moved into a rehabilitation clinic. He had gotten amnesia somehow. He didn't remember his family at all, and barely any of his friends. I was one of the few he could remember, so it was encouraged I visit him often.

Shannon's problems really started when her uncle died nearing October. It hit her hard, having a member of the family die. She started having additional nightmares, one involving this blog in particular. She hasn't said much about it, but she told me that it gave her the impression that if she ever used this blog again, bad things would happen.

Something like that.

So, I began to take over the blog for her. At first, I ranted a bit about how I was losing sleep (I still can't get much) and was annoyed over Shannon's new boyfriend, Brandon. Shannon had met Brandon on campus a few days into October, and the two hit it off real well apparently. In only a week, they started dating. Now I know NOW that Shannon had started receiving the strange phone calls from our harassers around this time. Her nightmares were getting to her, and she hastily jumped into a relationship.

I was a dumbass. Shannon was just scared and I thought she was abandoning me.

Paul disappeared from the clinic in October, it had freaked me out. I have a good feeling now this was because of the callers, and whatever memory erasing fuckery that follows them. It was soon after this that I started to receive the strange calls myself.

Halloween then arrived, and nothing good happened on that day. I am still debating whether or not I actually saw that bastard Mr. Suit. I suppose I'm still having trouble admitting that it could be true. Whatever. The real thing to take note of was the call I got from Paul. He told me to remember the notes he talked about on one of my visits if I wanted to know where he had went.

I talked with Shannon after this, and I realized she hadn't been doing too good herself. She broke up with Brandon, as he started acting very odd, and soon after that even he disappeared. Maybe that was the callers too, I don't fucking know.

My sister, Jemma, e-mailed me about someone stalking her. I don't think she's in danger, but she made a youtube channel to catch the guy on camera. Thankfully, there's nothing much so far.

When we learned that people were forgetting Brandon and Paul, we began to worry. I eventually admitted that something not-so-normal was going on, and decided to check out the notes Paul talked about. It wasn't easy getting them, but I eventually pulled them from his apartment.

The notes were either pictures of eyes, or scribbled messes. One thing that was constant about them was a symbol.
Even with half the notes disappearing overnight, I was able to pick up the symbol. I eventually noticed it in chalk in a back alley, and decided to hang around that area for the next few days.

I was soon confronted by a hooded guy, who managed to escape from me. His goal, the goal of this entire mess it seemed, was to distract me while another one of the callers tried to attack Shannon back at our apartment. According to her, after the guy broke in, there was an incident with the Slender Man. I still don't know if I think she was hallucinating or not. I was able to get home in time to scare off her attacker.

And that is that.
... Ugh, looking back, I never expected any of this to happen. Why did these callers have to enter into our lives? Ruin everything and harass us to death?

This break is so important. I bought a notebook, and I plan on writing in it during the entire trip. 

We'll be leaving sometime this week.


  1. Don't take this the wrong way, but that symbol kind of reminds me of Stargate.

    Stay Safe,
    Fingers Crossed

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  3. Thanks for the summary. Yikes, I didn't quite realize until now just how much has been going on... I wish I had some helpful insight or advice for you, but the best I can do is pray for your safety. A break is definitely in order. I hope you have a great time!


  4. Well, when you say it that way, It just goes to show how much sh-t is going on that you guys had pushed onto you two.

    Be careful and watch your back! If you see him while on the road don't try to run him over.

  5. Nice post time. Make a Wish.
    - Antithesis

  6. A break Would be good, but try not to cut off yourself entirely from your other friends. Just because they forget doesn't mean they don't care.

    Also, I do not mean to be a "downer", but don't let your guard down. Last time you did, even if it was just a tad, you and shannon were attacked.

    These people are not of sane mind, they might do anything.

    Be safe, be prepared, be informed.

    - Origin

  7. Stargate? ... Yes, I suppose it does, haha.

    Anyways wow, thanks for the comments, guys.

    Seriously, I'm surprised how many people are following my stupid ass at this point.

    I appreciate it.

    Also, I don't think we have to worry. How would they even follow us? They seem too messed up to able to leave town. There might be an issue when we go to visit Shiloh, but honestly I just don't know what's been going on with him. That's kind of what this visit is about.

    I'm trying to find out more about you-know-who.

  8. Hmm, well, good to see you're managing at least. The break is good, for sure -- I wish I could manage to help one way or another but I live up here in Canadaland. And I suppose once I saw Mr. bulimic once I'd never be rid of him.

  9. He's not voldemort, you can fucking say his name.

  10. Saying Slenderman sounds completely ridiculous.

  11. I'm not avoiding his name outta fear or respect, it's jus that slender man is common and I'd rather make a mockery of his name.

    Somethin' got you riled up, 'tho?