Monday, December 13, 2010

A Break

Shannon's been feeling under the weather since last week, which is completely understandable. She's edging into her school holidays now, so at least she can take a break.

I got fired from work as well. Not showing up without any sort of warning for an extended period of time does that to you. I fucking hated Wal-Mart anyway.

... Diane found out, ranted to me for a while, said I better be able to come up with money to help with rent. Shannon and her did fine without me before she just likes being a controlling bitch... Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I need a cup of coffee.

I asked our lovely neighbors who share our small building about last week, much like the police did, and they said they heard nothing. Which is ODD because they told the police they did hear some sort of odd droning noise that was completely foreign to them.

Either they forgot or they just didn't want to tell me personally.

SPEAKING OF THE POLICE, they had forgotten ALL about the callers when they were investigating this current mess. I honestly am fucking tired of dealing with these Alzheimer stricken officers. I think they're already losing this one.

I make it sound like a joke but honestly it's pretty goddamn scary. Think about it, these officers who are supposed to protect us and shit, and they are rendered useless by bullshit that no one can explain. I don't know if some of them are fucking with us or if all of their memories are being blasted by some sort of supernatural phenomenon.

What I need to do is somehow get some real information from one of the callers. But right now, I'm just so tired, I have no idea how to go about that. I just want a break.

. . .
That is why I proposed to Shannon we have a road trip. We've been planning on taking a plane up to NYC to see her parents anyways, why not fucking drive? Honestly, I think just having me and her do something like that would be a great way to take our minds off this for a bit. Diane can keep the place all neat and tidy while we're gone. We'll have to deal with this strange mess when we get back, but it'll be a nice break, I think.

Heck, we could even go see Shiloh before that and bond over crazy shit. That is if he's feeling up for it.


  1. Certainly hope you can spare some gas to see me if you're willing to drive from Arkansas to Chicago to New York :)))))))))

  2. Why the fuck would I want to visit you?

    Gas will be no problem, Shannon's parents have agreed to help fund our trip.

    Time is no issue either, believe me, I'd like to take my time with this.

  3. Heh, I guess Florida would be a bit out of your way. Sounds like a fun trip, and a good way to relax for a while. :) It's good to hear you're safe.

  4. Under normal circumstances, I suppose I should be hurt. </3

    But I suppose you're right in refusing my generous offer. After all, my home life isn't exactly in order of late, bahahaha

  5. You should go see your family as well to make sure everything is alright down there.