Saturday, August 28, 2010

This is about Cats

Ok no, this isn't about cats.

I have deceived you.

This is instead about what I am having for breakfast this morning.

... Sugary death cereal. Not that I really dislike Fruit Loops or any of that other stuff. I just, well, don't feel good having that as my starting "meal" for the day.

I didn't get much sleep last night (There was some weird dog around that kept barking, I have no idea where it was coming from and I do not think I have heard it around here before) so I was too tired to bother with my usual meal of eggs and bacon (Yes I have this almost EVERY MORNING). Diane (roommate/online friend mentioned yesterday) is usually the one to eat this stuff so...

I suppose even just eggs and bacon isn't the best of meals, but at least it's better than this cereal. Or any cereal, in my opinion.

AT LEAST TODAY SEEMS LIKE IT'LL BE NICE. the forecast calls for rain Sunday and Monday so uuuugh (I hate rain, I'm sure most people do). Things always tend to get muddy and bleah.

Danny likes the rain, go figure.


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  2. Good morning there. Stumbled upon your blog by chance one of these days, because I've got more free time at my hands atm. Pretty background image, but perhaps you'd want to make the space behind your postings less transparent/darker for readability's sake.

    By the way, for those rainy days coming up- try , if you don't already know it. I could spend weeks just browsing it, really entertaining, and it might keep your mind off other things.

    Have a great day.

  3. Hi!! Another follower, you do not know how amazing that is! :D

    Thanks for your input on the blog's appearance, I'll mess around a little with it. Darker might be a good idea.

    And as for TVtropes... I've HEARD of it, and I know of people who like quote the "tropes" often but I myself haven't perused it. I'll give it a looky tomorrow.

  4. Hey Shannon. I made one of these accounts. Does that make me cool now? Well, I mean I'm already pretty cool but...

    Oh! Did that dude just mention Tvtropes!? Mr Stranger, I agree!

  5. Oh fuck
    You made an account! xD

    You told me you weren't going to, douchebag. lol

  6. Note, about the background, it seems I can only either make it this type of transparency, or one full color.

    So, bleah. I might just have no idea what I'm doing so maybe I'm missing something.

  7. TV Tropes will ruin your life.

    Also, look who's stealing my weather preferences now, go figure.

  8. Oh joy, the other person with the name I have's read TV tropes too, heh.

    See, this is why we need to know more about you; I have to see how long stealing known characteristics of yours goes on!

  9. lol, how about it Danny, my next post will delve into your deep psyche and suck out everything hiding within.

  10. No, no, no.

    And no.

    No one needs to know fuck all about me beyond what you have already told them.

  11. Hmm.

    Nah, I'm gonna blurb about you a bit tomorrow.

  12. ...Danny you're kind of a jerk.

  13. Don't worry about it too much. The level of transparency is not optimal, but it still works. I'm just not quite used to rather busy blog designs, but I'm getting there. Also, thanks for the warm welcome.

    Yeah, more about Danny, please. He's such a charming fellow.

    And, by the way, there are worse things to ruin your life with than tvtropes. Heh.