Monday, August 30, 2010


It's still morning, so the dream I had last night is real fresh in my mind. It went like this:

I was really, really lost. I'm not sure how I GOT lost, maybe I was like Red Riding Hood and had wandered out into the woods to find grandma or something. Whatever the reason, it was probably the coolest forest to get lost in.


Cool, right? So I was lost, trying to find my way around when a vampire popped up. Well, it looked less like a vampire and more like a barbie doll covered in blood but I was interpreting it as a vampire so it had to be one of some kind.

Anyways, it began to chase me, and you know how ALL chases in dreams go, half the time your legs feel like lead and you trip and crawl around stuff but the thing chasing you rarely EVER catches you.

Sadly, this one did.

I fell for the millionth time and it kinda sorta appeared on top of me. It brought out these wings (It looked pretty fucked up at this point) and started choking me with them (somehow xD). From all around me this chanting started up and the dream gets a bit hazy and I'm not too sure what happened after that.

Weird, huh?

The chanting went something like this:

"The bloody doll took me into its arms and cradled me for days
I awoke with a scream inside a deep and intricate maze
Lost for years, I eventually died, lost in my purple haze"

(No, I actually didn't hear any chanting, I'm just being dramatic :P ... It's really stupid DX)

Chanting or no chanting, the dream was still pretty messed.
This is why you don't eat lasagna right before going to sleep.

... And in the slenderblog corner, I have to admit that I have just caught up with "Dreams In Darkness/Watch This City Burn". A shame I hadn't sooner because it's REALLY GOOD. I think I even like it more than The Tutorial. Sorry M.

I still love you the most, M, so don't worry. :P

Also I just found "Seeking Truth". I realize that it has ended so I plan on taking my sweet time with reading that one.


  1. You have a vivid imagination, don't you? I never dreamed about something as cool as a crystal forest, although being imaginative is kind of a job requirement for me. In my dreams, it's always all too grounded in reality. Dark mirror images, mostly.

    On the other hand, I'm going through a creativity drought, anyway. Can't even come up with a blog post worth reading. Ah well.

    By the way, and dinner suggestions for today? ;-)

  2. That was the most ridiculous farce I've ever read, Shannon.

  3. Interesting! Dolls freak me out.
    Still love Toy Story though!

    I had a dream last night, too. But all I remember is realizing I was dreaming and forcing myself to wake up. Sooo weird

  4. Quitter, I guess you could say I have a vivid imagination. I do know most dreams I have are pretty crazy, and pretty easy to remember. Though they usually are more nice (Flying over Mars, awww yeah xD) than mean (Like the one last night). As for a dinner suggestion, I'm not sure. I know Diane wishes to make some sort of pear/fruit salad tonight, so I'm gonna let her do her thing.

    Except for the chanting (and I may have fluffed up the vampire a bit) that's exactly how it went. Danny, don't be jealous cus you never remember your dreams (He has s shit imagination :P).

    Oh Shiloh, I hate those dreams, it feels so weird.