Sunday, August 29, 2010


Danny's favorite food is pizza.

Well, not really, but he orders so much of the stuff that I think he's insane. Empty pizza boxes litter the area directly surrounding Danny. ALL THE TIME.

Let's say this is me, "Yo, I'm gonna order from that chicken place (a local place, AWESOME chicken), want anything?"

Then Danny thinks on this for a good moment before responding. "They make pizza too, right?"

"Well, yes, but their chicken is way better. That's what they're KNOWN for."

"... I'll get pizza."

And then I sigh as Danny decides his toppings. Of course none of it involves chicken. He's so silly.

On the topic of favorite foods, mine has got to be... well I'm not really sure. I guess one thing I love that I hear a lot of other people say they like is mashed potatoes and gravy. Mmmm. Turkey's good too.

... Agh, it's the morning and I already want dinner.

Diane loves fish. Really, any kind of fish. Especially crab.

And Danny's actual favorite food? Probably steak. The guy loves his steak. (I find it too chewy most of the time D:)


  1. Hope you had a good night. I know your pain- waking up before 10 always makes me hungry, in spite of not really being a breakfast person.

    btw- guys love their chewy meat. What a shame that a good, rare steak is out of my price range for most of the time. Sucks to be a student.

  2. Haha, yeah, I typically go to bed later than I should so the morning leaves me a tad groggy and out of it.

    And Dan's been doing pretty bad financially, even with the horrible beat up place he's in, the rent's getting too high for him. He's planning on moving back in with me and Diane by the end of next week (Yesss, this make me happy).

    Also I'm at his place as I speak (It did rain, not much, just drizzled, and I wanted his cheery company), he's been blocking me from his laptop DX (But he went to the washroom, so fuuuck himmm xD)

  3. Sounds great, living together with friends is something I miss a lot. I'm sure you'll all have fun, although he sounds like the kind of guy who wouldn't admit it.

    Bad girl! You just don't hijack a guy's laptop. (Found any porn yet? :P)

  4. Sadly, no, no porn. I'm not sure I'd want to see any of Danny's porn anyway.

    This isn't his laptop actually, it's his friends, so I feel kinda bad.

    (Blah he's hovering over me and trying to get me to go out for lunch or something now, lol)

  5. Okay, yeah, we're heading out for lunch, I'll check back in a bit.

  6. Enjoy it, in spite of the weather.

  7. Yo Shan! I posted my own entry! You're proud now, yeah? I'm semi-glad you got me into this. Could be fun, yeah?

    Also you think steak is too chewy? You're not eating good enough cuts, then. Try buying some filet mingnon at the grocery store.

    But you probably can't afford it ;p

  8. Quitter, thanks, we went to Subway, lol

    Ahhhhh, Shiloh, you did that way faster than I expected of you! Good boy! :D
    I'll make sure to read in case no one else does! (I've only got a few cus of my presence on those slenderblogs, I think D=)

    Also, whatchu talkin' 'bout? I can afford ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I'm the richest girl alive.

  9. Subway's never a bad choice.

    Actually, with all the talk about awesome chicken, you inspired me to try my hand at cookin up some homemade chicken burgers tonight. Worked surprisingly well.

  10. Glad I could help you with your dinner. :D

  11. If you're so rich you could buy yourself a plane ticket to O'hare airport!