Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meet Danny

lol, my first follower!
Danny, you're such a charmer.

You know you're set when Dan the Man approves. :P

IF anyone is confused, Danny is a good friend of mine. Wait, SCRATCH THAT, he's my best friend, totally. We go way back, you see. He's a good guy, just try to ignore his cussin' (He likes to swear on the internet, makes him sound all badass xD)

I suppose it was a bit soonish of me to ask for some other blogs when no one's probably even seen this yet! I'll try to be more visible on those slendermanblogs, you'll see! :)

Though I think my favorite right now is The Tutorial. M seems a bit charming to me. ;D
I hope there will be a new post soon.


  1. I do not fucking swear on the internet just to sound 'badass'. I swear because I swear.

    Shannon, maybe if the site design wasn't so godawful, people might actually read your blog.

  2. Ouch, I think I pushed some buttons. :P

    Danny, the site looks fine, I've got a green theme going on here.

  3. Yeah, like that was hard to fucking tell.

  4. You are sooooo rude, young man.

  5. Whatever.

    And can you please stop sending me pictures of Mr. Fucking Tentacle Rape? I've seen enough of them from Paul's laptop.

    (Oh and 90% of them are giant photoshop fails)

  6. ...y'know, I gotta say...

    Well, first, I'll say on account of feeling like it! I'm here, without an actual blogging account, and completely random!

    Then, second, it's hard to look at somebody cussing like that seriously when I'm coming directly from all the slenderblogs xD

    It's like "oh, m-- waitasec real people"

    And yeah.

  7. All I gotta say, dude who stole my name:

    "Deal with it."

  8. Cool, a misinterpretation.

    (Do you save your contempt for the internet, btw? Or are you the same online and off? people vary.)

  9. Oh, he's definitely a lot more surly over the internet.

    I've known him for a long time, so I probably don't really realize it much, but Danny does tend to rub people the wrong way (He's a sarcastic kind of guy).

    Btw, thank you so much for commenting! I'm so glad someone took the time to do so. :D

  10. I am who I am.

    If someone doesn't really like my attitude or words of choice, I don't really tend to give a damn. I've got friends, and I don't really need any more than that.

  11. This is all true, and a perfectly valid life perspective. It doesn't necessarily stop me from asking about it, although (as proven xD) you are also not inclined or obligated to answer anything.

    Whatever works for you works, though; you've definitely got a lot more vested in your actions than your words, so there's little reason other then curiosity or boredom for me to inquire.

    And hey, Shannon xD I just ran into this because... I'm bored and reading random slenderblogs and you popped up. Bonus points if it's an irony that makes the person whose name I stole even less favourably disposed towards me! (I'm a jerk too >.>)

  12. Danny is practically white noise. Pay him no heed, unless you want to.

    lol, you seem nice enough, I don't get too big of a jerk vibe from ya. :P

  13. Point enough. He's clearly made friends so I'll assume his actions generally speak louder.

    And people say that, but I dunno. I guess it's not for me to judge, but s'cool regardless.

  14. Yep! That's pretty much how he operates.