Friday, August 27, 2010

Let me tell you a bit about me

I've found it nice the past few days to take a some time out of my morning to peruse these blogs and write a little blurb here. I'm glad I found it. I think I'll go lurk around at some nice, non-fake blogs soon. ;)

Buuut, my initial idea of commenting on just those other blogs wasn't such a good idea, when I will probably feel like updating faster, and may feel like talking about other things (Like romcoms obv). :D

So, first of all, a little about me.

I'm hardly remarkable. I have to wonder how I came from my parents, who are extremely wonderful people. My father's a doctor, and my mother's a college professor. Yeah.

I on the other hand SUCK (SUCKSUCKSUCK) at academics. Well, most. See, school was a struggle for me, and I wasn't a very athletic girl. Danny was a lot better at this stuff (Despite failing at everything else xD) and helped me out a lot. Thankfully, I eventually realized where my niche was (More on that another day) and have been working toward it since then.

Anyways, the reason why I'm out in Arkansas and not NYC (Where I grew up) is because an online friend (A real damn awesome one who may or may not be introduced to this, lol) said she could hook me up with a nice job down here, a good school for what I want to get into as well. After a few months of deliberating with my parents, I decided to go for it (This school is making me nervous, just started!). I was a bit worried when I moved down here in February, but my friend has been WONDERFUL at settling me in.

Now I know it may seem a bit far and extreme, Danny was quick to point this out, but me and my friend had been in contact for years at that point, and always DREAMED of living near/with each other. We talked about it a lot after we were both out of our respective high schools, and eventually she informed me of a school she had in mind for me. I almost got her to come to New York instead (and I do think this might have been better) but she really didn't want to leave her state. i love her to death and I'm glad I did this, though.

Of course Danny came with me because he can't do nuthin' without me :P

So yeah I'm living with that friend I was talking about, sharing the rent. Danny was too for a bit but he wanted to get one on his own (he's foolish like that) but I'm over there every weekend anyway! :D I think I can convince him to move back in... he's not doing so good with jobs, it makes me worried.

Also I have green eyes and brown hair.

That enough?


  1. Gosh, I'm glad you don't keep talking about that ARG nonsense.

    I wish they'd stop. It's all bad taste and arrogant at best. The internet has enough attention whores and blind liars as it is... no need for making a "game" of it.

    Good luck with your new life. Stay safe.

  2. Hey Shannon, tell them your address and phone number while you're at it.

  3. I feel as if it's all in good fun. It's not exactly a well-known or popular type of thing, I don't think. At the very least I know I've never heard of "ARG"s before the other day.

    Thanks for the comment, and the well wishes. :D

    And Dan, maybe I should give out yours as well? That would be nice, I think.

  4. I wish it was popular. Full-fledged-mainstream-popular. I really do. Sensible, receptive, fragile people would discard it then and just move on to playing WoW again, or something.

  5. No thanks, I like not having random pizza's being delivered to my place.

    Also, Shannon, my only motivation to move back in is necessity, you are hardly fucking convincing.

    Diane doesn't like me, remember?

  6. Well, maybe in the future, who knows. The internet is rather fascinating in its execution and evolution. You know what? I think I'll show these to my friend, see what she has to say about them.

  7. lol, Danny.

    I know I know, I was just joking, alright?

  8. I suck at this. That couldn't have come out more wrong if I tried.

    And I'm about to rant again, just can't help it. So... what do I know, what do I care.

    Listen to your best friend, he's trying to do what best friends are there for, and he's right.

  9. Well, I understand where Danny is coming from. A friend of his is going through a thing at the moment and part of it seems to have originated from those blogs. Danny's just upset, so he's irrationally worrying about me.

    Honestly, I realize they are all just games, and as you can see I feel like talking about stuff beyond them, so I think I'm fine.

  10. Blah Blah Blah

    I told you not to talk about that.

    I just think that this is a waste of time, I would have said this to you no matter what else was going on in our life.

  11. Okay, I will admit you probably would have.

    But lookie here! You are not only keeping up with my blog but you are commenting on those ARGs as well! You're just as bad as I, Dan.

  12. I'm not even sure if I really know what I'm talking about. I just feel like I've been down a similar road. Makes me all jerky and wish for a smoke whenever I stumble upon something like this. Maybe silence is actually golden for a change, this time.

    I'm sorry. Stay safe, and stuff. Bye.

  13. I'm a tad confused.

    If there is something you want to talk to me about, I can give you my e-mail (Though if you've already gone and plan on not returning to my blog, oh well).

  14. It's not my fault you are fucking stubborn. I'm just here to keep an eye on you.

    As for commenting on those blogs, I'm hardly 'participating'.

  15. Correct feelings ought to be separated from correct notions before people go around hating stuff that exists for fun.

    It IS a biiiit childish to run around shouting down for-fun stuff because it bothers you. I mean really, it's a basic "this makes me feel annoyed, I want it to go away" impulse, which... is infantile.

    Not that anybody has any reason to care (don't bother to retort if you don't care, because you shouldn't waste the effort then >.>), but hey, I'm a sharer of unsolicited and unwanted opinion.

  16. He's just got a big mouth. As much as he's told me not to bother here, he's been messing around just as much.

    In other words, a hypocrite. xD

    Besides, I'm not all obsessed about the slenderblogs and stuff.

    Tomorrow I may talk about cats, we'll see?

  17. I've noticed to a degree. Mostly the tutorial, since I'd have thought he'd stop after one post/two max.

    And I didn't say you were (it's how I got here though :P). Just think stepping on fun stuff because it makes you feel irritated is childish and stupid.

    ...I'm allergic to cats, heh.

  18. Aww, I really like cats. I'd have one if Diane (the online friend mentioned earlier) didn't dislike them so much.

    Well, maybe it won't be about cats, maybe it will!

  19. I think Diane is allergic to me.

    Maybe I'm a descendant of felines?

  20. lol, that would certainly explain it.