Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We made it

We're in NYC now, with Shannon's parents. Getting here was smooth and we've had a great time.

I hoped to make it before New Year's, but we just loss track of time in Chicago! Shannon has her classes next week, so...

Well, wait, I'm not sure.

Her parents said it was the 10th when we got here, which surprised us.

Oops, I'm not sure how we lost that much time, I guess the trip was just that amazing!

Shannon's told me she has little desire to go back any time soon, so I guess it doesn't really matter.



  1. Cool you guys made it in one piece. I wish I had the funds to put together a road trip, but as long as my money tree's been picked clean, that looks like a bit of a pipe dream. Gas isn't exactly cheap these days, and my car refuses anything but premium.

    Best wishes from New England.

  2. Thanks, man. Thankfully, we had a little funding from Shannon's folks.

  3. Looks like you folks made it just in time. Not sure how the weather is down there, but Maine was slammed with a really bad blizzard. Everything's at a standstill today, and there's barely anything on the road.

    If I had more money I'd probably top my tank off and go out for a spirited drive in it, but alas.

  4. I feel like an out and out dick saying this... but isn't lost time in the anorexic idiot's portfolio of crap to throw at people...?

  5. I guess so, but I wouldn't worry about it!

  6. Yeah, don't worry about it unless you wake up in a motel room in some unknown part of the country with a duffel bag containing a video camera with footage you don't ever remember shooting, 8 months have gone by like nothing.

    Because THEN it'd be something to worry about.

  7. Have you seen Shilohs Post on his Blog? It was rather disturbing. Im hoping to get your perspective on the event you were there. Help shed some light on this Information.


  8. One piece!? Are you kidding me, Danny? You don't remember what really happened at all, not even the fact that something horrible happened?


  9. Uhh, hi, dude.

    lol, okay, I don't really understand what you're talking about. Maybe you could elaborate on these horrible events??

  10. Oh for Christ's sake.

    A certain tall dude crashing our party? Is that really that hard to believe at this point?

  11. I don't know?

    I just don't remember that happening. Neither does Shannon.

    As far as I remember, our visit was just pleasant.

  12. Huh, Memory loss. Its not like your friends and family haven't been experiencing it lately, forgetting entire people, entire histories. Oh, no, its shiloh's story is completely unbelievable. Its not like you have had any weird stuff happen to you lately, like being attacked by Insane people and whatnot. No...wait...Scratch that. STOP BEING GENRE BLIND!

  13. Okay. Read your past entries. You're not even acting like yourself.

    Read them, please. Understand they're true.

  14. Look, of course my previous entries are true. I didn't forget them or anything!

    Things right now are really good. Dad bought this awesome chocolate cake and I haven't had a call from an unknown number in AGES.

    So we're fine. No Slendy and NO hooded punks.

  15. I'M not myself?

    So you're just going to go on as if nothing happened, and not even CONSIDER that I'm telling the truth? Where has denying shit ever gotten you?

    Don't be ignorant and let yourself get killed! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS.
    Neither of you are okay.

  16. "I don't remember that happening"

    "I didn't forget them or anything"

    What the hell?

  17. OKAY

    MAYBE something is not alrighT Here! Okay? are things calM? Yes!

    like I sAid, things are great here.

    just Stop. WHATEVER has happened, things are okay now.

  18. Just sayin', the oddly-capitalized letters seem to spell out 'Thomas.' Don't know if that means anything or if I'm reading too far into something, but yeah.

  19. NO! No more denial. No more freaking denial.

    I'm gonna be over the top here, but I've had a bad day, sue me.

    What the fuck, Daniel? You're just happy sunshine now? You were a cynical little fuck and frankly, it was neat.

    WHO are you calling not theirselves? DID you not acknowledge a few journals back denial would get you NOWHERE?


    Will you please NOT DIE ON ME?!

  20. I don't think Mom or Dad would like what you're saying.

  21. Wait, wait, I think Thomas does sound familiar.

    I think you're right, Sam.

    Give me a moment here.