Thursday, January 20, 2011


Really now?

Well, whatever.

Remember when I said I would write down everything that happened on the trip? Well, I did that, but I forget I even did so.

I only just remembered because I found one of the pages. It was on the front lawn when I last looked out the window. It hadn't been there before, so I have no idea how it got there...

Anyways, it says "[I wrote the date for each new day I believe, but as this one has no date, I assume this is the continuation of another page] Shiloh's a pretty upbeat teen for having gone through... Whatever the hell it is he went through. It's good though, his good cheer is keeping Shannon's spirits up. It's a bit awkward to have him walk on over to the hotel we're at, but his parents probably wouldn't be too excited about him hanging out with us.

Says he's taking us to Millennium Park or something later. I'll look for tall dudes, but I doubt I'll find any."

Hahahahaha, aren't I great?

Well, if someone out there has the journal I wrote, that means they know more about what happened to us. Everything is a total blur to me, and it seems a blur to Shiloh as well. Getting the rest of these pages would be nice, wouldn't it?

I wonder, is Eyes Open behind this? It might be what he meant by trying to reach out me.

Anyway, Shiloh, dude. Are you okay? I have no idea what's up with you and obviously I am in no position to come help or anything. Stay safe, or at least try to.


  1. Oh, send him masks. THAT WORKS RIGHT?! The masks keep him still. they are the END ALL CURE ALL! RIGHT ORIGIN?!

    ...Anyway. the LOST have a way of getting things that they should have no way of getting. It could indeed be him, but I would advise you not to wholeheartedly trust him.

    You might end up in an abandoned house by the woods to be used as bait.

    fuck me...

  2. Shannon, Danny, I think I have some answers. I know you don't know who I am, but I contacted Shiloh via phone.

    He's not alone, it seems.