Saturday, January 15, 2011

I need help

I need some help making this decision.

I could trust Eyes Open and leave tonight. Without Shannon. He says that we could eventually get Shannon out as well if I do this.

However, I do not trust Eyes Open. I am sure anyone could see why. But I guess, if he is indeed Thomas, then maybe he's the only shot I have.

But as we realize, Shannon is acting odd. She's still SHANNON, however, so I'm not about to sit here and honestly abandon her.

There's always the chance that I can't get Shannon out in time. If she does tell her "parents", what the fuck will happen? They don't seem to be on to me yet, but... Shannon, don't do this to me. I am your best fucking friend, the least you can do is trust ME. Just leave that room and please talk to me in person! Your parents are out here baking again, which is odd because I don't think I've ever seen either of them bake shit in my life. They have JOBS yet they haven't left the house at ALL. They've been lurking around me when I'm on the computer, trying to pretend they're not and it's just weird. They'll be on to me soon at this rate.

... Should I leave now, without Shannon, or should I forget about Thomas/Eyes Open and continue trying to convince Shannon to leave with me? I think I can reach her eventually.
... I really don't know.


  1. Hmm.
    Any ideas would be appreciated. I'll message you.

  2. Pretty sure this is gonne be a moment where teeth are gonna be involved. Call the nearest bus station, gtfo of the state, and take a couple of valium for the laughs.

    And stuff Shannon in a suitcase? Jeezus, idek, does she realise how frickin creepy this is?

  3. God, if messaging even goddamn worked around here.

    I think the problem with Shannon is that she's under some sort of... I don't want to use the word 'spell', but it fits well enough.

    I didn't realize how wrong things were until I saw that Thomas guy and came around here.

    She loves her parents a lot. It's going to be harder for her to realize something is wrong with them than it took me.

  4. Yeah, it's not working. I'm at a loss here.
    ... Fuck, I didn't want to do this.

    My email is

    Maduin, and anyone who ever feels like messaging me privately, go ahead and do it there.

  5. Dan, I'm sorry about getting mad at you. I realize your just paranoid and I shouldn't hold that against you.

    Whatever you may think, you simply can not trust this Thomas guy. I just have a feeling that he's bad news.

  6. That's a backhand. You're both paranoid probably. Just past trends indicate his is going to be correct.

    "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you".

    And you say simply he can't be trusted? Sounds like paranoia too.

  7. I've been trying to reach you since you arrived there. Thankfully, I snapped you out of your daze, but the rest is up to you.

    I can not get you out until you leave that house.

    Saving Shannon is the most important thing right now. I need your help to do that, Danny.

  8. Shannon, Danny knows what's best for you.

    Danny I swear to GOD if you leave her there...

    Also hate to say I fucking told you so.

  9. I've made my decision.
    I'll update everyone on how it goes ASAP.

    Though this will probably fucking blow up in my face.

  10. I truly hate to think that my words to you may have resulted in you doing something that would put you in danger, so be as shrewd as the plaintiff building a case for a lawsuit, like I discussed. If, by the time you succeed I actually have funds, I'll buy a six-pack and down a few for you, like I said.

    Stay strong, man.