Monday, January 17, 2011

Camped Out

First thing I need to say: time is fucked up around here.  Apparently it's been a day already but it sure hasn't felt like a day. The sun hasn't come back up, that's for sure.

This is so stupidly unbelievable, I can't believe I just typed that.


I was able to get out of the house with little resistance. My goal was not to meet up with Thomas but to simply explore the area. I didn't plan on returning to the house, so I wanted to find a place where I could lay low for a bit and keep an eye on things.

This is so far from NYC, how I didn't notice it before is fucking weird. This is the most generic suburban neighborhood I've ever seen. The houses look alarmingly similar, and it's pretty small. I think I drove down eight blocks before realizing I'd passed the same shit several times. It loops, and in a way that I can't tell it's doing so. The perimeter is probably about 3x3 blocks around at most, but I'm not sure, honestly.

Considering that every house appears vacant, I tried a few. A few gave me some bad vibes, so I didn't stick with them, but I eventually settled into this pleasant one. I'm down the street from "the" house. I can see the front of it from where this house is located. Her dad's car is sitting in the driveway.

I'm going to keep watching and see what happens. Hopefully Eyes Open or Tom or whatever he wishes to call himself doesn't decide to pay me a visit. He's probably not happy with me not leaving with him.

Also, it's pretty awesome that my laptop gets the internet without any sort of Wi-Fi. However, I'm learning it's very nitpicky with what sites I can access. I thought that figuring out what sites work might be a clue to something, but that seems dumb.

I'm starting to worry, even if I get Shannon out of that house, I'm not sure how we'd even go about getting out of the neighborhood.

Ah well, fuck it.

Also, Zeke, thanks for the advice. I know, the lack of snark is probably disconcerting, but that was before. I mean, look where the fuck I am now. I don't think I can afford being an asshole.


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  2. When you get any leads, don't hesitate to let us know. I'll keep going through the blogs to gather any information I can about possibilities for your escape. Stay diligent.

    Oh, by the way, has there been any activity at Shannon's 'parents' house that you can tell? Anything worth noting? Keep a diligent eye on it, and if that car disappears from the driveway, consider figuring out a way to spring Shannon, if she's still with us.


  3. This is completely foolish behavior.

    It will get Shannon killed. Do you want that, Danny? You must WANT to leave with me to make this any bit possible.

    Don't think I can't try and reach out to you.
    Don't think He doesn't know what you're up to.

    Open your eyes.

  4. Who would want to leave with you. You are a complete stranger that is asking a guy to trust him after said guy has already been harrassed by complete strangers. If you want him to be more obliged to go with you, then prove that your trustworthy. Lower your defenses to him. Let him see that you do not wish to harm.

    However, as one of the lost, I wonder how shattered your mind already is. Even those with their eyes open cannot hope to see through his fog.


  5. True.

    All I want is for Shannon and Danny to survive this ordeal.

    You can have some time, Danny, but remember to review your options carefully. You don't have many to choose from.