Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh, just great, thanks for asking.

But seriously, I'm sorry other me/Sam, for not getting back to you. Shannon kind of saw me dicking around here and told me to "get the fuck off that or I'll kick your ass." So I left it alone. Time passed. A month passed. The answer to your question is that I'm mostly of irish descent. Pretty sure I have other european in me, but it's not like I've got relatives to ask.

My sister, Jemma, hasn't contacted me in months. Not that I had much time to try and contact her, but when I finally did get time, no answer. She also stopped her videos a whiiiile back. I've been tempted to visit her, she lives not even a few hours from here, but fuck if I know that's a good idea. She should be off school now, so I've been trying to talk Shannon into checking in. Maybe we'll get to it.

We've established ourselves in the area. No sign of bad news has got us feeling confident. Not TOO confident, but enough.


  1. Danny, I've thought about it, and I'm okay with the blog.

    It's probably best you let it out.

  2. Okay, then I haven't stolen your appearance, at least, heh.
    I'm half-asian, a quarter finnish and then a bunch of other stuff mixed in tiny fractions.

    Visiting her would be, knowing this sort of thing, both a good and bad idea. In that for her sake you should check and for your own sake you shouldn't.

    I could never manage to be that selfish, though, so I'd say go on and check. Hope spots are important things.

    And for what it's worth, I haven't seen anything horrible, eldritch, or nigh-unbelievable around either.

  3. Visiting her wouldn't be such an issue if not for the whole memory loss deal.

    Not too long ago, when we tried to contact Diane, she had no idea who we were. Yeah, it was pretty goddamn upsetting at the time, but we've dealt with it. Our old lives have been wiped away, and we're still not too sure how it happened.

    Well, we have an IDEA, but I'll elaborate on that later.

    I just really hope Jemma remembers me. She was the only family I had left who still gave a shit about me. If she did forget me, a large part of me would rather not know. But I can't fucking do that, I don't think. I have to at least check at some point.

  4. Well, all I can say is good luck. And not just because of the implications of memory loss in an area I inhabit.

    I can think of what it'd be like to be erased from memory like that and... it'd be traumatizing.

    So yeah, I really really hope she remembers you too.

    And I'll await mention of said idea, then.